Fall 2018 Elections

Fall 2018 Board Candidates

There are ten candidates for seven board positions this election cycle. Board members will serve from fall 2018 until fall 2019. One board position is designated the “outreach board member” and the eligible candidates are listed separately below. Voters may select 6 regular candidates and one outreach candidate.

Online election ballots will be emailed to eligible voters starting on 9/12/2018 and due back on Monday 9/17/2018. Anyone who has participated in (attended, helped, taught, organized, or sponsored) a UF Carpentry workshop in the prior 2 years will be eligible to vote. Please watch your email for your ballot or contact ufcarpentry@gmail.com if you do not receive a ballot.

Regular Board Candidates (random order)

Miao Sun

I have taught and helped the Carpentries workshop many times and served for board for one year now. I’m really happy to see more people and more new faces to join the board and the club, so I’m willing to stepback for newcomers. But happy to serve, contribute, encourage and inspire people as board member for another year if the results turned out to be so. I love this group and people, I will support it forever!!!

Brian Stucky

I was among the first carpentries instructors trained at UF (in early 2016), and I have been very active in contributing to and promoting Software and Data Carpentry at UF ever since. I have assisted with many carpentries workshops at UF, serving as both instructor and helper. I was part of the inaugural Carpentries Club board and helped draft the Club charter, and I served on the first elected Club board, where I helped guide the development of a formal, permanent presence for the Carpentries here at UF. I am eager to continue this work in a new term as a member of the Carpentries Club board. I am especially interested in ensuring that carpentries workshops remain as affordable as possible and accessible to all students.

Gaurav Vaidya

I’m a newly minted Carpentries instructor (May 2018), who has had a great time both learning with and teaching for the Carpentries. If elected, I’d like to see us building a tightly knit local community by organizing more social events, hackathons and meetups to build stronger ties across our large campus and with the global Carpentries community. I wouldn’t have become an instructor without the instructor training course organized by the UF Carpentries Board, so this is me looking for an opportunity to give back!

I’m currently a postdoc at the Florida Museum of Natural History, where I work on a cool informatics project to build an ontology of phylogenetic clade definitions (http://phyloref.org).


Joe Andreoli

Hi, my name is Joe. I’m a Masters student in the UF Department of Geography and I nominate myself for the UF Carpentries Club board for the 2018-2019 term. I started getting involved with the Carpentries when I took a Data Carpentry workshop held at ESA 2016. After attending Instructor Training in Summer 2017, I have been a helper at the May 25-26, 2017, the semester-long Data Carpentry workshop in Spring 2018, and the June 25-26, 2018 meetings. Most recently, I instructed at August 15-16 2018 ResBaz Carpentries workshop. I hope to accomplish two goals UF Data Carpentry Club has identified in its most recent meetings. First, I would like to improve recruitment of members that have attended instructor trainings to be helpers and instructors at workshops held at UF and Gainesville. Second, I’m excited about the new geospatial workshop material available to the Carpentries and in attracting participants from UF and Gainesville to attend these new workshops. Thank you for your consideration.


Caroline Storer

My background is in population genetics, but I have been working on diverse questions using anywhere from single gene sequences to whole genomes. For any project big or small I utilize data science and computational skills in some way. I am most experienced in using and helping others use HiPerGator2.0, but I also have experience with R too. As an assistant scientist at UF I already spend much my time working with grad students and staff on computational or data science problems, especially related to data management. After attending the Data Carpentries Workshop in August I became interested in being more involved and even helping/teaching workshops. I am huge proponent of proper data management and organization and I am particularly interested in teaching this topic.


Hao Ye

I have been involved with Carpentries events at UF since Fall 2017; serving on the initial advisory board, and then as an elected member. During this time, I have been a helper (1x), an instructor (2x), completed instructor training, built the UF Carpentry Club website, organized the Research Bazaar, and secured financial support from the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation department.

My future goals are: improve our existing portfolio of workshops with new lesson content to better meet the needs of the UF community; coordinate with existing groups (e.g. R-Gators, R-Ladies Gainesville, DSI) to offer additional pathways for learning and peer-teaching outside of workshops; and lower the barriers for involvement and leadership roles within UF Carpentry Club.


Elise Morrison

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at UF’s Geology Department. I received my Software Carpentry instructor certification in 2016, was an instructor at the 2017 iDigBio Summit’s Data Carpentry Workshop, and have been a helper at several workshops in 2016 and 2017. I took a little break from workshops to finish my PhD, but I would very much like to have the opportunity to get involved with Software Carpentry again by serving on the board.


Geraldine Klarenberg

Teaching the skills scientists need for data science are near to my heart, as the agony of self-teaching are still fresh in my memory… I did Data and Software Carpentry workshops after I had already taught myself most of the topics – and one of my very first thoughts as a participants was “These workshops are great, I want to teach this!”. I have found that teaching is indeed a rewarding experience; when you get to witness people’s reactions to learning things that make their research and life easier. Since becoming a Carpentries instructor earlier this year, I have helped at a number of workshops and have taught 3 workshops (2 on Data Carpentry, 1 on Software Carpentry), and I am scheduled to teach Software Carpentry at FAMU in October. I hope to contribute to the geospatial workshop that the UF Carpentries are planning to have as well. Together with Punam Amratia I am the co-founder of R-Ladies Gainesville. There are synergies between R-Ladies and the UF Carpentries that can be beneficial to both the UF and wider community.

As a board member, my focus will be on working together with various departments at UF to coordinate efforts and have as many people possible benefit from the Carpentries lessons. UF’s off-campus locations would be specifically included in these efforts. I will advocate to offer a wider variety of Data Carpentry lessons, e.g. the geospatial and social sciences lessons. With this I also aim to broaden the pool of instructors at UF to more disciplines.


Kristina Riemer

I have been an active member of The Carpentries community at the University of Florida for two and a half years, including as an instructor, workshop organizer, and board member. I have been involved in the broader Carpentries community by teaching workshops in California and North Carolina. I love teaching programming, version control, and data management to researchers because, just as I found great improvements in the reproducibility and automation of my work from these tools, I find it very fulfilling to facilitate this for others. I am very passionate about improving the capacity for computational skills at the University of Florida and would be grateful for the opportunity to continue to support this mission in an official role as a member of the UF Carpentries Club board.


Outreach Board Member Candidates (random order)

Simona Picardi

I am a PhD Candidate in the WEC Department, based at the Fort Lauderdale REC. I am a certified instructor and have organized, taught, and helped in several workshops since October 2017. I was a member of the Board in the 2017-2018 academic year and found that an extremely valuable learning experience. I enjoyed practicing my organizational, teamwork, and leadership skills while contributing to help the Carpentries community at UF grow, and I would be thankful to get an opportunity to continue to do so. I am committed to help with organizing activities and considering new ways of enriching our program, increase inclusiveness, and maximize our impact in the broader UF community (Gainesville campus and RECs).



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