Spring 2018 Elections

The Spring 2018 elections will open on Friday 1/19/2018. Links to the ballot on ballotbin.com will be emailed to eligible voters during the day and will be due back by Wednesday 1/24/2018.


Elected are:

  • Kristina Riemer
  • Justin Millar
  • Matthew Collins
  • Miao Sun
  • Hao Ye
  • Brian Stucky
  • Simona Picardi

Candidates for board member (random order)

(Voters will select 6 candidates)

Miao Sun

I have experiences as an instructor and helper, can represent the voices for both; have passion to serve the community; good at being one single element in the diverse pool of board candidates.


Kristina Riemer

I have been actively involved at the University of Florida with the Software and Data Carpentry organizations for two years. I became a certified instructor after taking the instructor training in January 2016, and have since taught at five Carpentry workshops and co-taught the semester-length Data Carpentry course (http://www.datacarpentry.org/semester-biology/) in fall of 2017. I have also participated in efforts to promote these workshops at UF by attending organizational meetings, including as a volunteer in the recently formed Carpentries Club, and helping to organize workshops. Because teaching computational skills to other scientists is one of my primary interests, I’m invested in furthering these efforts at UF by pursuing a position as a member of the UF Carpentries Club board.


Justin Millar

Informatics education, reproducibility, and capacity building have been core components of my experience at UF. As a founding manager of the UF R Meetups I have benefited from countless interactions with learners, as well as faced the challenges associated with organizing meetings, coordinating instructors, and developing support (e.g. group website and GitHub). I have also contributed to multiple workshops, TA’ed two courses with programming lessons, and worked with other groups (DSI and the Stats Club). These experiences have instilled the importance of data literacy. I envision the capacity for the UF Carpentry Club to build upon our previous work, unify and expand our outreach throughout the UF community, and improve computational proficiency and reproducibility across our university.


Matthew Collins

I have been involved in Data and Software Carpentry for four years ever since the first DC workshop held at NESCent. At UF, I’ve helped put together 11 workshops over the past two years and started the UF Carpentry Club. In the next year I would like to make sure there is a sustainable peer teaching organization at UF by finding funding for our Carpentries organization membership and encouraging a diverse group leaders to run workshops and advocate for peer teaching.


Hao Ye

I joined UF in Oct 2017 as a postdoc with Morgan Ernest and Ethan White. Although new to UF, I have been an organizer (since 2010) of R and Open Science groups at my previous institution (UCSD) in addition to assisting with Carpentry workshops. I have two primary goals, should I be elected to the board:

  • Sustainability - I strongly believe in the organization’s mission and want to ensure its long-term success. I plan to focus on financial support, as well as training and recruiting future participants and instructors.

  • Accessibility/Inclusion - Because the workshops are unique in providing informatics instruction outside of formal UF training, I think it is especially important that the workshops and their organization be responsive to the needs of the broad and diverse UF community.

Brian Stucky

I was among the first carpentries instructors trained at UF (in early 2016), and I have been very active in contributing to and promoting Software and Data Carpentry at UF ever since. I have helped teach three carpentries workshops at UF, serving as both an instructor and helper at all three workshops. Last semester, I served on the inaugural Carpentries Club board and helped draft the Club charter. If elected to the 2018 Club board, I would be eager to continue the work of establishing a more formal, permanent presence for Software and Data Carpentry here at UF and developing new opportunities for both learners and instructors. I am especially interested in ensuring that carpentries workshops remain as affordable as possible and accessible to all students.

Candidates for outreach board member (random order)

(Voters will select 1 candidate.)

Simona Picardi

I am a PhD Candidate in the WEC Department, based at the Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center. My involvement with the Carpentries started in October 2017 when I participated in my first workshop as a helper. I plan to attend the instructor training course in 2018. I wish for a more connected UF campus system, with equally available opportunities for students in Gainesville and on satellite campuses, like FLREC. For this reason, I would like to promote offering Data and Software Carpentry workshops in locations off main campus. This would improve the array of learning opportunities for UF students based outside of Gainesville as well as broaden the impact of the UF Carpentries initiative. I nominate myself for the UF Carpentries Board to serve as an outreach representative.



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