Carpentry Connect Davis

Over the weekend of May 30 - June 1, Hao attended Carpentry Connect Davis. Here’s a short write-up of what he did


Jetstream/XSEDE is an NSF-funded cloud-environment for computing. The interface is a bit more friendly than typical university high-performance computing environments (IMO). You can select different levels of virtual machines, with hardware spec appropriate to your use case, and with different pre-installed programming languages and packages for whatever you need to do.

Followup Qs:

  • how do you get large datasets onto a VM
  • how to get access / funding / computer time


Binder is a tool for creating and sharing interactive coding environments through a web browser. The goal is to address the difficulties associated with reproducing a data analysis, namely:

  • computer
  • programming language
  • packages and other dependencies
  • code
  • data

Binder works by using repo2docker to create a Docker image from a GitHub repo – this encapsulates all the files within the repo (including data and code), as well as the programming language and packages. The result is a link, that when clicked, launches a virtual machine with an instance of the image, and allows for testing out the code from within a web browser (without needing to install anything).

Followup Qs:

  • sustainability of funding for continued operations
  • potential uses in teaching or sharing of data journalism stories

Pathways for Community Involvement with the Carpentries

One of the discussion points among folks in attendance was: “What do you do after you attend a workshop?” There are several possible next steps:

  • practice and build skills in a community (great if there are local groups, such as R-Ladies or similar)
  • get involved with helping and instructing at future workshops (great if there’s a local group or folks who actively lead organization of workshops)
  • become involved in other ways?

Followup Qs:

  • what are best practices for finding or starting a local community? how do you acquire those skills?
  • what can Carpentries do to help with this?
  • how can different ways to become involved with Carpentries (e.g. lesson contributor, maintainer, mentor, helper, etc.) be better advertised or roles adjusted to improve community interaction?


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