2022-01-24 Board Meeting

2022-01-24 Board Meeting

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Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: January 24, 2022 11:00 AM (EST)
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approve minutes from 2022 January 14 meeting
    3. Update on FY 2022 budget
    4. Updates on sponsor emails
    5. Update and delegation of tasks on “Intro to R” workshop
    6. Update on Carpentries workshop requests for Spring 2022
    7. Other business
  • Participants:
    • Cory Brunson, Amanda Markee, Caitlin Campbell, Audrey Smith, Aida Miro-Herrens, Amobichukwu Amanambu, Narayani Barve, Vijay Barve
  • Meeting Chair: Cory
  • Meeting Secretary: Caitlin



  • Invitation to informatics training group from Aida. Comprised of faculty/staff involved in Informatics / Libraries trainings. Purpose: informatics training across campus. Will email information / volunteer at end of meeting.

Approve meeting minutes

  • Approved minutes from January 14th 2021 Board Meeting

Update on FY22 budget

  • Will table and return in February.

Sponsorship emails & contact

  • Sponsor emails approved in last meeting pending approval of some numbers. Cory has run calculations on workshop data, no objections to proceeding.
  • A few more numbers to incorporate into the broader dataset.
  • Sponsor emails will have drafts updated today by Cory. The deadline to send is end of January, so send them out this week.
  • Cory will send signup sheet in reminder email.

Update and delegation of tasks on “Intro to R” workshop

  • Scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday.
  • Will cover roughly the first half of the ‘R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis’ (https://swcarpentry.github.io/r-novice-gapminder/) curriculum
    • The second half will be covered in an upcoming workshop in February 2022
  • Draft website: https://uf-carpentry.github.io/2022-01-31-Intro-to-R-online/
  • Should we replace the ggplot2 section with base R plotting, or follow the default lesson curriculum? Sticking with ggplot2.
  • Should we put in a nominal fee?
    • Motivation is to encourage people to attend the entire session
    • Suggested adding some mechanism for a waiver in case of financial hardship– that is approved.
    • No objections to ammended plan.
    • How to line up a rollover to the subsequent workshop? Could do 2 or 3 weeks later.
      • Will settle on the 21-22 of February for the ‘Intro to data science’ workshop
      • The nominal fee will not apply to registrants of workshop 1 when registering for workshop 2 (it will be honor system)
  • We could switch from slack to etherpad for real-time chat during the workshops.
    • Does etherpad have the same multi-channel format as slack? Etherpad has a sidebar for chat, and a central area where the code is entered and shared.
    • Slack has worked well for us thus far. We will stick with slack for this workshop. Audrey will be point person for anyone running into issues setting it up.
  • Next steps
    • Flora has basic information, plans for fee and for 45-student cap.
    • Cory will email sponsor organizations to invite them to attend today, out to everyone tomorrow.
      • Flora has existing list to send to
    • We also need to solicit instructors. Updated signup sheet so it can be sent to informatics instructors list for signups.
    • Checking required packages

Update on Carpentries workshop requests for Spring 2022

  • Updates on centrally-organized workshop requests. Requesting 3 workshops from our Carpentries coordinator contact, but scheduling has been challenging.
  • Library carpentries dates approved April 18-19, that is approved and on the books.
  • Other dates for other workshops are not approved / a maybe due to conflicts. We need to select other dates.
  • Moving forward, will we have to choose one workshop between the two. Or we could do genomics or python workshops in-house?
  • We do have potential instructors available for an in-house genomics workshop. Potentially try to do genomics workshop in the summer? In-house during spring semester seems like a lot. Early April, will reach out.
  • Any two-day periods in April that would not be good? Amanda will proceed with grabbing any dates available in April for the Python workshop

Key takeaways from today

  • Sponsor emails sent out this week; templates will be updated today
  • Instructor signup sheet for upcoming workshop, also feel free to signup today.

Notes for next meeting:

  • Narayani will chair; Amanda will take minutes.
  • Next meeting is Febrary 7 at 11 EST