2019-03-26 Board Meeting

UF Carpentries Board Meeting, Mar 26, 2019


Chair: Joe Secretary: Brian Board Members: Hao, Gauarav, Elise, Geraldine, Simona (remote) Non-board Members: Carla Mavian (rep. for EPI workshop)


  • Approve previous meeting’s minutes
    • Approved.
  • Instructor training updates.
    • Announcements sent, app. deadline was yesterday, should get apps by Thursday and evaluate the end of the week or weekend.
    • Elise, Geraldine, and Brian will review the apps, Gaurav might also help.
  • EPI workshop updates.
    • Hao: might not be enough time to implement priority registrations.
    • Simona will send announcement to all sponsors, but there will not be any priority registration process.
    • Flora will be able to send out the general announcement tomorrow.
  • We discussed priority registrations and arrived at this proposal for managing priority registrations in the future:
    1. Set up workshop registration, and set registration cap at 1/2 capacity.
    2. Distribute registration link to sponsors 1 week ahead of time.
    3. After 1 week, set cap at full capacity and send out general registration announcements.
  • Update on IFAS meeting 3/15/19.
    • Geraldine met with associate dean of research at IFAS, John Davis.
    • Meeting was very positive, IFAS is interested in giving money, Davis needs to meet w/ dean for research Gilbert at IFAS to discuss giving options.
    • Davis mentioned maybe doing something with the UFBI seminar in May (see later agenda item).
  • Status on logo design for April/May.
    • Do we want to pay Gaurav’s friend, Kim, for logo design ($400)?
    • General consensus seemed to be that Elise’s preliminary design is good.
    • Elise agreed to continue working on her design.
  • Status on travel awards.
    • Joe, Simona, and Elise will evaluate apps.
    • We will offer 2 $500 awards.
    • Aiming for announcement on April 15 (Monday after EPI workshop).
    • Awards will be for any travel through the end of 2019.
  • Google and Twitter accounts.
    • Gaurav has the password for the Google account.
    • ufcarpentries@gmail.com will reach all board members.
    • Hao has access to Twitter account.
    • Alethea: Facebook might also be a good platform for outreach.
  • 3rd Annual Symposium: Collaborations in Biodiversity Research Workshop, Monday May 6, 2019.
    • Pam Soltis inquired about the possibility of having UF carpentries run a 1- or 2-day workshop after the CBR event.
    • UFBI would cover all workshop expenses.
    • We all agreed that a 1-day workshop seems most appropriate here.
    • Alethea: If UFBI is paying, she, Flora, and Hampton can take care of all food arrangements.
    • We could do either a geospatial workshop or one of our more general workshops.
    • Simona and Geraldine: A 1-day geospatial workshop would be difficult unless we can assume everyone already knows R.
    • Brian will follow up with Pam.
  • Update on TREC workshop (discuss waitlist and/or priority spots)
    • Simona: Should we contact sponsors about TREC workshops? General consensus: yes.
    • We can offer a travel grant for a Gainesville instructor to teach at the workshop.
    • Workshop will be April 29-30 at Homestead.
  • ResBaz preliminary planning and coordination
    • Tabled.
  • Long-term workshop schedule
    • Tabled.