2019-01-22 Board Meeting

Action items

  • Make corrections to prev board meetings (done)
  • Come up with pre- and post-survey for Feb 11-12 workshop (decision to use Software Carpentry R lesson)
  • Transfer ownership of Google Docs to UF Carpentries Gmail account (#77)
  • Get prev waitlist from Matt and ask him to make someone else an owner (#77)


Board members: Hao, Gaurav, Elise, Joe, Geraldine, Simona (remote), Kristina (remote)


  • Approve prev minutes
  • Planning for February 11-12 workshop
  • Instructor training this April
  • Report on budget and finances, particularly when and how many travel awards should be offered.
  • Off-site workshops planning
    • Discuss request for informal R workshop at FAU
  • Connections with other groups
  • What to discuss with John Davis, associate dean for research, IFAS. Simona and Geraldine are meeting with him on 30 Jan.


Kristina stepped down from the board

  • The Twitter account for UF Carpentries is currently under Kristina’s e-mail address, could be changed to UF Carpentry’s gmail address.
  • Instructor training
  • Gaurav to take over Coordination

Last week’s minutes

  • Approved with two corrections:
    • “Gina” should be spelled “Jeanna”
    • Update on Emerging Pathogens Institute (EPI) workshop should be mode detailed, e.g. “wanted to be involved in teaching themselves, want to look at current genomics curriculum to see what’s relevant, R is not in genetics component; the R component isn’t finalized, timing not worked out; want visualizations; at least 1 person who is certified (?), want small bit on HPC but no overlap with HPC workshops; don’t seem to want to run it”

Planning for February 11-12 workshop (Hao, Elise, Gaurav)

  • Website now up.
  • Schedule:
    • Monday morning (Shell) - Brian Stucky
    • Monday afternoon (R ecology, part I) - Ellen Bledsoe
    • Tuesday morning (R ecology, part II) - Joe Andreoli
    • Tuesday afternoon (Git) - Sasha Lavrentovich
    • Helpers: Philip Chase, Christine Swanson, Falcon Restrepo, Mariandreina Kostantinov, Nitya Singh, Eduardo Bongiolo (more for R, fewer for shell and Git)
  • Bureaucratic hurdles with getting registration set up
  • How is waitlist registration going (as per #60)?
    • Didn’t hear back at all
    • Maybe contact graduate student coordinators?
    • Normal waitlist (expressed interest previously): where is it?
  • This will not be an official Carpentries workshop, but will be a “Carpentries-Inspired” workshop.
    • because we’re doing a hybrid structure so we miss out on both Data/SW sections.
    • Look into making the R section better?
    • We can’t used their surveys – we’ll need our own
      • Maybe ask them about WEC affiliation etc.
    • They’ll be unified eventually, but for now is fine
  • Any needs?
    • Where should Git be in the workshop?
      • Too early: could be confusing or not context
      • Too late: people too tired to comprehend
        • Better than missing R stuff

Instructor training this April 8-9 (Elise, Brian, Geraldine)

  • Room is booked (8-5 on day 1, 8-4 on day 2)
  • François and Amy Hodge are on board.
    • Amy will need travel arrangements
  • Outstanding tasks:
    • Make website
    • Set up lunch and signups

Report on budget and finances, particularly when and how many travel awards should be offered (Geraldine)

  • Alethea sends us lists of transactions and we organize it by event
    • “Uncommitted Balance”: cash on hand
    • “Projected Balance”: how much cash on hand we expect to have
      • Includes upcoming workshop income
    • We have to pay for Amy’s expenses to get to GNV – so once that happens, we’ll know how much is left for the travel grants
  • Describe finances and budget for the public
    • Geraldine’s next step
  • Travel awards: Probably 2x$500 travel award will be possible

Off-site workshops planning

  • Update on outreach activities with IFAS
    • What to discuss with John Davis, associate dean for research, IFAS – Geraldine and Simona meeting with him this week (Jan 30)
  • Explain what the program is about, see if they’re interested in funding us for travel:
    • From GNV to teach elsewhere in Florida
    • Or to fund travel for remote instructors to come to GNV to become certified
  • IFAS is not one of our sponsors (we asked several organizations within IFAS), but maybe IFAS Extension might be worth discussing/asking?
    • Might need to talk to someone else about that
  • Week of April 29 – but end of semester? Should be fine.
  • Take list of people who attended the Fort Lauderdale meeting.

Connections with other groups

  • Initial attempt at listing them is on our wiki but should be moved to our website.
  • DSI meetup tomorrow!
  • Help with R-Gators meetups: meet every Tuesday during the semester from 4-5:30pm
  • EPI: Geraldine meeting with them on Friday

Discuss request for informal R workshop at FAU

  • A student at FAU contacted Simona about organizing a workshop
  • For non-sponsored institution, there is a fee, but we can put a workshop under our umbrella
  • All they need is instructors.
    • Option 1: if organization can support it financially, they can do an official workshop.
    • Option 2: organize a workshop using materials, but don’t call it a Carpentries workshop.
    • Option 3: some kind of arrangement with UF Carpentries Club hosting a workshop at a different location.
  • If this is a frequently asked question, we might want to write this up for our website (#).

Next meeting

  • Feb 5, 2019 at 3:45pm to 5pm