2018-08-28 Board Meeting


Joe Andreoli, Miao, Justin, Brian, Dan Maxwell, Hao, Simona (remote), David Jennings (remote)


  • ResBaz and Workshop debriefs
  • Board elections
  • logistics for 1-day October 4 workshop
  • logistics for October 23-24 workshop
  • coordination with other groups (e.g. libraries, DSI, R-gators, R-ladies)
  • miscellaneous website updates


ResBaz and workshop debrief

  • it happened
  • workshops and mini-tutorials appeared to be useful good for attendees
  • documented hiccups in advertising
    • need better coordination of helpers (make sure there are sufficient helpers present for each workshop segment)
  • possible problem: no assigned time slots?
  • when recruiting, maybe we can ask for hard commitments in advance of doing full announcement of workshops? (more complicated timing, especially with choosing lessons)
  • several students showed up for the Python workshop (someone told them that it was free?) - we think they were from ECE, possible confusion around free ResBaz events?

(Tangential) discussion about teaching pathways

  • should teaching a workshop be a requirement for completing instructor training?
  • people might be more comfortable if they felt involved in local community
  • can we encourage involvement this way?
  • be more explicit about timing commitments for helpers and instructors
  • (Joe) personal experience:
    • felt comfortable as a helper, especially when familiar with the instructor personally
    • higher barrier to commit to instructing
  • decisions:
    • ask for commitments for future instructor training
    • provide additional opportunities for people to practice teaching (could be done in collaboration with other local groups)


  • are there term limits? no
  • we need better messaging about who can serve on the board and board duties and benefits
    • it would be nice to have some separation between core instructor group and board members
  • board positions will rotate in the Fall, with new board after elections?

  • action items:
    • Hao will work on reminder messages, encourage involvement with board

1-day (October 4) workshop

  • currently appears to be 3 instructors and 3 helpers (maybe sufficient, some commitments are conditional on lesson content)
  • Matt might want to teach the geospatial lessons (are they ready?)

  • action items:
    • confirm lesson content and instructor and helper commitments (Matt)

October 23-24 workshop

  • why are we doing this? is one of our Fall workshops
  • need a host and organizer

  • action items:
    • Justin will host and organize
    • decide on logistics for handling priority registration

Coordination with other groups

  • Melissa Rethlefsen (director of UF health science center libraries) would like to be more deeply involved with ResBaz like events
    • coordination is possible, establish a work agenda for a meeting for future meeting
  • library internship (10hrs / wk, $15 / hr, 1 or 2 semesters)
    • Dan Maxwell is looking for a faculty partner (external to library) and project plan to pitch to the libraries to secure funding (could be lesson development)
    • plan also needs to include mentoring plan stuff for the intern
  • R-gators
    • no concrete plans yet, but UFII classroom is reserved for Tuesdays 4 - 530pm
    • may do a help desk?
    • thinking of letting R Gainesville and R Ladies handle more of the lesson-style content
    • coordinating a bootcamp of sorts for the content of the R ecology lessons
  • UF DSI
    • current president (Tyler Richards) wants to pursue an informal meetup
    • possible opportunity to work together
    • library is interested and can contribute funds for food, drinks, etc.
  • R-Ladies
    • Punam and Geraldine not present
  • action items:
    • follow up with UF DSI (Justin)
    • follow up with Dan Maxwell about the library internship
    • follow up with Melissa Rethlefsen about future ResBaz coordination (can be tabled for 2019, probably)
    • maybe invite some members of these groups to a specific board meeting, once a semester?

Website updates

  • better info about the club and elections now
  • some blog posts have added content

  • action items:
    • could use a splashier landing page, possible template for the current website theme
    • logo for UF Carpentries