2018-03-27 Board Meeting


Matthew Collins, Justin Millar, Brian Stucky, Miao Sun, Ben Toh, Simona Picardi (remote), Tim Young (remote)


  1. Upcoming workshop at FLREC
  2. Spreadsheet lesson for Department of Anthropology
  3. Bug BBQ update
  4. Financial charter and travel awards
  5. CarpentryCon
  6. Collecting/recording feedback
  7. Website
  8. Board roles
  9. Project on impact of extra-curricular activities
  10. Signage for workshops


Upcoming workshop at FLREC

Registration is now open. Currently waiting for confirmation from two out-of-town instructors. Decision will also be conditional on the availability of financial support for travel. Availability of funds was discussed when talking about financial charter (see below). Simona will put together a tentative budget for out-of-town instructors.

Spreadsheet lesson for Department of Anthropology

As the requested lesson (1-hour presentation) does not correspond to a format that the Carpentries offer, we agreed that it can be done in a more informal way - without the Carpentries label - by anyone who is willing to do it. We agreed to redirect the person who is requesting the lesson to the informatics listserv to look for people available. See ticket #18.

Bug BBQ update

Justin and Hao reached out to people in Geography and Social Sciences. Room at UFII reserved for meeting on April 13th 1PM-5PM, which will include first a tutorial on GitHub and then a 2-hour slot to work collectively. Matthew is going to send Justin a list of the newly trained instructors to invite them to get involved. See ticket #11.

Financial charter and travel awards

Financial section for the charter has the aim of improving transparency and communication with people providing us with financial support. Travel grant program is one component of where our funds go. For travel grants, the proposed plan is to accept applications twice a year (corresponding to the highest activity periods, to be identified) as a baseline, and on top of that leave the possibility for additional funds for special travel. See ticket #12.


We agreed on voting online about the travel grant for CarpentryCon to allow Kristina and Hao to vote from out of town. New ticket #20 opened to draft abstract.

Collecting/recording feedback

We discussed the issue of data from Minute Cards, and how these do not get entered into AMY or any other repository. On the long term, we can aim to request that workshop organizers get granted access to AMY to enter Minute Cards feedback. In the meantime, we agreed on piloting a Google form instead of the paper cards at the next workshop (FLREC) to have feedback in digital form. This will ease possible future transfer to AMY. Justin volunteered to make the Google form. See ticket #19.


The website will be made using Jekyll. Matthew registered two domains for us. See ticket #10.

Board roles

Current role assignations are posted on ticket #15. These are effective until next rotation.

Project on impact of extra-curricular activities

Tim Young from Academic Advising can provide access to UF student data to be used in a study to evaluate the impact of extra-curricular activities on careers.

Signage for workshops

Participants at the last workshop highlighted the need to make sure people know where workshops are happening and can find the venue. Better signage can help with the latter. So far banners or white boards have been proposed. We agreed that white boards are more practical and preferable. See ticket #17.

Action Items

  1. Simona: put together tentative budget for instructor travel to FLREC.
  2. Matthew: refer host of Anthropology colloquium to listserv.
  3. Matthew: send Justin list of new instructors.
  4. Unassigned: start online voting for CarpentryCon travel grant.
  5. Justin: make Google form for Minute Cards.