UF Carpentries Club Board Member Nominations for 2023-2024 are Open!

Nominations for new Carpentry Club Club Board Members are open until November 20th- Submit your self-nomination now!

Are you interested in advancing informatics skills and reproducible science at UF? Join the UF Carpentries Club Governing Board!

The Carpentries is an international organization that teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. The UF Carpentries Club is dedicated to bringing the Carpentries’ inclusive and supportive culture and curricula to the University of Florida, primarily through 2-day instructional workshops in R, Python, GitHub and more!

The UF Carpentries Club Board is composed of seven board members elected to 1-year terms. The Club Board members work together to coordinate the workshop schedule, interface with club supporters & sponsors, and create opportunities for inclusive peer learning at UF and beyond. As a member of the Board, you will network with data science peers from different backgrounds, be involved in the organizational aspects of the largest cross-departmental group promoting informatics literacy at UF, and help the local Carpentries community grow and be successful in bringing The Carpentries Organization’s mission of promoting inclusive learning and teaching of informatic skills via collaborately developed- and openly-available data and software capentry lessons.

If you would like to become more involved in lesson planning, teaching, community building, and more, please consider self-nominating for a Board Member position for the 2032-2024 academic year* (*1-year board member terms are from October-September).

The eligibility criteria for individuals to stand for election to the Board include:

  1. (Required) Must be a current member of the “UF community”, broadly defined (student, staff, faculty, post-doc, associated researcher, etc.).
  2. (Preferred) Previously participated in a Carpentry event in any capacity (learner, helper, instructor, organizer, host, or funder) at UF or elsewhere in the past two years. Note: Attending Club Board meetings is included as a Carpentry “event.”

Board member postions may vary based on the elected member’s skillset and desired contribution. Typical positions include:

  • Carpentries Coordinator (coordinates communication with The Carpentries international organization to maintain club membership, coordinate instructor trainings, etc)
  • Social Media Coordinator (creates and posts events and announcements to Facebook and Twitter)
  • Data Master (manages data on Github)
  • Meeting Chair (creates zoom link for meeting, creates & posts agenda to Github, sends email notice of meeting email to Informatics listserv & Carpentries board with appropriate links)*
  • Meeting Secretary (takes meeting notes during board meetings and creates minutes file in Github to post to website after meeting)*
    • These positions rotate every 2 meetings to a different board member and all board members share this responsibility at some time during their term.

In addition, one Board member may be designated the “Outreach Board Member.” The criteria to stand for election for the position of Outreach Board Member include:

  1. Must not be located on the main Gainesville campus of UF.
  2. The outreach member is NOT required to be a member of the UF community.
  3. Is not required to have instructed, organized, or financially supported a Carpentry workshop.
  4. Prior experience with or knowledge of the Carpentries is preferred.

Interested candidates should self-nominate with a short statement (300 words or less) to be publicly posted for voters to review. If you would like to serve as an “outreach board member” please note this in your statement. Self-nominations for Board Member elections will close on Novemeber 20th.

You can nominate yourself here

Public voting for Board Members will open on November 22nd. You can cast your vote for Board Member nominees through November 29th.

Please follow this link to complete your ballot: (The link to voting ballots will be available on Nov. 22nd- please check back then-thank you!)

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