2019-2020 UF Carpentries Club Elections

Please welcome the new board:

  • Vratika Chaudhary
  • Minghao Gong
  • Elise Morrison
  • Jenicca Poongavanan
  • Brian Stucky
  • Eve Bohnett
  • Carla Mavian


Interested in advancing informatics skills and reproducible science at UF? Join the Carpentries Club board!

The Carpentries is an international organization that teaches foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide. The UF Carpentries Club is dedicated to bringing the inclusive and supportive culture and curricula to the University of Florida, primarily through 2-day instructional workshops in R and Python.

Our board is composed of 7 representatives, who coordinate the workshop schedule, interface with our supporters, and create opportunities for peer learning at UF and beyond. As a member of the Board, you will network with data science peers from different backgrounds, be involved in the organizational aspects of the largest cross-departmental group doing informatics literacy at UF, and help make the local Carpentries community grow and be successful.

If you would like to become more involved in lesson planning, teaching, community building, and more, please consider self-nominating for a board position.


The criteria for individuals to stand for election to the board are:

  1. Is a member of the “UF community”, broadly defined.
  2. Has participated in a Carpentry event in any capacity (learner, helper, instructor, organizer, host, or funder) at UF or elsewhere in the past 2 years.

In addition, one board member is designated the “outreach board member”. The criteria for for individuals to stand for election to outreach board member are:

  1. Must not be located on the main Gainesville campus of UF.
  2. Is not required to be a member of the UF community.
  3. Is not required to have instructed, organized, or financially supported a Carpentry workshop.
  4. Prior experience with or knowledge of the Carpentries is preferred.

Prior Elections

Fall 2019 Fall 2018 Spring 2018