2020 UF Carpentries Club Elections!

Ballots will be distributed on Sept. 21st, and are due back by midnight of Sept. 29th.

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Please vote for 7 board members.

2019-2020 UF Carpentries Club Elections Candidate Statements

Candidates are in alphabetical order.

Narayani Barve

I am an research scientist at the Florida Museum in Department of Natural History. My involvement started with software carpentry when I participated in the software carpentry workshop offered by UF carpentries club in 2017. Later, I was involved as a helper with several carpentry workshops. I am really attracted to the concept of educating students and other members of the university community to the essential skills of programming and data literacy which software carpentry workshop offers. Earlier I was involved with software carpentry informally, but would like to get involved as a board member to bring diversity component to the board. As a board member I would help organize more workshops on various thematic areas. I am nominating myself on the UF software carpentry board.

Vijay Barve

I have attended carpentries training in 2016 followed by instructor training and have been associated with UF Carpentries Club as a helper for a few workshops. I use Python and R for my own work and I am interested in open data and open source software. I love training people in informatics and have been doing that in Africa and Asia. I believe in empowering the researchers with analytical tools that contribute to better research and carpentries really works in that area. I would love to support the UF Carpentries Club in the mission. Professional profile

Trista Brophy

I am running for a board membership position to help advance coding and data science skills among the UF community. While I am new to coding and data science, I’ve seen the transformative power these skills can have through their use in my own doctoral research over the last year. I have taken the live Software Carpentry workshops with the NASA DEVELOP program where I learned Unix shell, version control with Git, and the Python and R programming languages. I am also familiar with JavaScript and Google Earth Engine. Because data science is such a broad field that has applications in research of every type, I am particularly interested in lesson planning to meet the needs of the diverse research conducted in the UF community. Additionally, many people do not yet know the power that coding and data science can have on their research efforts or are timid in incorporating these tools due to a lack of knowledge or understanding. I want to reach these people, help them build the foundational coding and data science skills through The Carpentries teaching framework, and boost their confidence in using data science to better address their research data. As scientists, we are always learning, growing, and embracing new technology and tools to answer the complex questions of life on this planet and beyond. Let’s do it together through the UF Carpentries Club. Professional profile

Audrey Culver Smith

Since I began my PhD in spring of 2018, I have attended multiple workshops hosted by the UF Carpentries Club and become familiar with the Club’s structure, goals, and some of the active and organizing members. I have also helped to share Club’s activities and mission with other graduate students (and undergrads) in my department- Geography- and beyond by sharing information about workshops and other opportunities provided by UF Carpentries. During the summer of 2020, I volunteered as a helper for the Geospatial meets NEON workshop held in May and moderator for the Data Carpentry for Ecologists workshop held in July. I am interested in serving on the Club Board to become more involved with the group and help organize workshops and other events, train as an instructor, and recruit volunteers and instructors. Specifically, as a member of the UF Carpentry Club Board, I would like to help broaden the reach and visibility of the Club across campus and expand its membership. Professional profile

Brandon Merriell

I was initially exposed to the Carpentries organization by two knowledgeable individuals whom I frequently turned to for coding assistance over the past year. These individuals suggested that I get involved with the Carpentries, so prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, I attended several of their meetings. After attending a few of the meetings, I knew I wanted to get involved. Although I have not participated in a Carpentries workshop thus far, I am looking forward to assisting with workshops as a helper for the first time this semester. I am beginning the second year of my Master’s within the School of Natural Resources and Environment. My research is focused within the field of wildlife ecology, with an emphasis on applying quantitative methods to answer questions relevant to conservation and wildlife management. One of my motivations for pursuing a graduate degree is my desire to help others gain the statistical and computational know-how that they need to be successful within their research endeavors; this is also my motivation for joining the Carpentries board. As a board member, I will help plan workshops that will be useful to members of the UF community. Additionally, I look forward to the opportunity to assist others in a hands-on capacity at these workshops as a helper, and hopefully as an instructor down the road.

Brian Stucky

I was among the first carpentries instructors trained at UF (in early 2016), and I have actively contributed to and promoted The Carpentries at UF ever since. I have assisted with many carpentries workshops at UF, serving as an instructor, helper, and workshop organizer. I was part of the inaugural Carpentries Club board, where I helped guide the development of a formal, permanent presence for the Carpentries here at UF. If I am elected to a new term on the Club board, I would like to help expand the educational opportunities we offer to members of the UF community by continuing efforts to branch out beyond the standard Carpentries curricula. In addition, I am committed to ensuring that our workshops are affordable and accessible to all students.

Massimiliano S. Tagliamonte

My name is Massimiliano Tagliamonte (Max), and I am a postdoc associate at the College of Medicine. I work on genomic epidemiology of infectious diseases, and I have experience in SNP calling, whole genome analyses, phylogenetics and evolution. I have a biology background, and worked on the wet lab before getting into data analyses. When it came the time to analyze my large genomic datasets, I decided to take the demanding but rewarding road to learn coding and bioinformatics. I believe that in bioinformatics it is of fundamental importance to merge the computer science part with a knowledge of the methods used to generate the data and the biological processes behind the research question. I have taught bioinformatics as a graduate student first, and I am currently one of the instructors of the Data Carpentry introductory genomic workshop. During my PhD studies, I was also part of the social Chair Committee of the Veterinary Graduate Student Association (VGSA) for several years. As a UF Carpentry board member, I plan to support the input and needs of students and researchers with biological background who need to take the extra step and learn to analyze large datasets. This is in addition to forward the Club broader mission to help the members of the UF community to acquire new skills and expand their capabilities as scientists.

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