2018-03-5 Matthew & Ethan Finance Meeting


Matthew Collins, Ethan White


Asked Ethan about why WEC processed the Carpentry membership payment, sounds like the original reason was it was paid off his Moore grant so they just kept doing it. He suggests doing it through the UFII in the future as more people would be more comfortable sending funds to UFII that WEC probably.

UFII, UFBI, libraries, iDigBio (in kind), and he have contributed in the past - UFII has given cash, not just staff time - so we’re near half a dozen supporters.

He suggests running the travel grants through UFII and not through WEC. In fact, WEC likely is just an extra hoop so we should just try UFII first.

He’d like to still contribute funds to say he’s supporting but he’d like not to be such a large % of the total.