2022-12-09 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

  • Location: Bartram-Carr Courtyard (in-person!)
  • Date: 2022 December 9, 13:00 ET

  • Agenda
  1. In-person introductions and welcome of new and returning board members
  2. Approval of November 29 Board Meeting minutes
  3. Upcoming R workshop updates
  4. Website and coordination tutorial over lunch
  5. Other business
  • Participants:
    • Cory Brunson, CJ Campbell, Dellena Bloom, Ke Zhang
    • Meeting Chair: CJ
    • Meeting Secretary: CJ



  • Introductions were made!

Update on planning Spring 2023 R Workshop

  • Check-in from Dellena. All tasks are assigned.

Recap of library carpentries

  • Some challenges with Git, outside of that it went well.

Coordination with other R user groups

  • Floating idea of coordinating w/ website of UF R-Users club
  • GNV R-Ladies might also be of interest

Website and coordination tutorial over lunch

  • Covered website and coordination repos
  • New members present are added to the github Additional ideas that came up:
  • Good idea to put on a version control with Git workshop
  • Ideas for future instructor trainings
  • Enthusiasm for Git, python workshops
  • Inquiries to community for guest instruction
  • Plans to switch to etherpad

Spring 2023 workshops

  • ‘Reproducible research in R’ will happen in January
    • Thinking of this as the sequel to ‘Intro to R for ecologists’
  • Genomics workshop
    • Check in with Ida about when would be helpful
    • Can be sold as ‘Cloud Computing for Genomics’ to emphasize that it’s 2/3 cloud computing
  • Can request up to 2 centrally organized workshops
    • Git, Python
    • Considering Programming with Python, Programming and Plotting with Python
    • Leaning towards a 1-day centrally-organized Programming and Plotting with Python Roughed-out schedule:
  • January - Reproducible research in R (in-person, locally-organized)
  • February - Git (locally, maybe a half-day workshop)
  • March - Genomics workshop (local; date may be tweaked according to availability)
  • April - Python (centrally organized)

Git workshop

  • Should send out call for instructors and helpers this month
  • Cory will organize

Plans for the upcoming semester

  • Dellena will be the 2022-3 Central Carpentries Coordinator
  • Ke is interested in being the social media coordinator
  • New board members shall volunteer for central roles in the next meeting! Hooray and many kudos.

Next meeting

  • 2023 January, date TBD.
  • Chair: Ke
  • Secretary: Dellena