2022-11-29 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: 2022 November 29, 13:00 ET

  • Agenda
  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of November 15 Board Meeting minutes
  3. Election results & welcoming of new board members
  4. Libraries Workshop update
  5. Intro to R Workshop planning/discussion
  6. Social event planning
  7. Sponsorship emails
  8. Budget
  9. Any other busines
  • Participants:
    • Audrey Smith, Flora Marynak, Cory Brunson, Caitlin Campbell, Dellena Bloom, Natya Hans, Ke Zhang
    • Meeting Chair: Caitlin
    • Meeting Secretary: Audrey



  • Introductions were made!

Approval of November 01 Board Meeting minutes

  • Minutes were approved with no changes.

Elections update

  • All nominees received greater than 50% votes of all votes cast
  • Caitlin welcomed new board members

Library Carpentry Update (Cory):

  • Cory sent out email to registrants (29)
  • Cory will join zoom 1 hr prior to workshop start time
  • Will coordinate helper shifts via email
  • Slack channel will be set up for all participants
  • Natya: Access to zoom for those not registered? (Cory recommended Natya go ahead & register for the workshop
  • Cory: should we target specific listservs for different workshops based on workshop content/focus?
  • Flora: sends out to specific listservs (or the relative contact person), including grad students

Intro to R Workshop Update (Natya and Dellena):

  • Date set: January 19-20
  • Leaning towards in-person format, will not plan on a hybrid workshop. Ultimately, up to the organizers to decide.
  • Natya and Dellena to schedule a meeting to go over the checklist.
  • Announcement to be sent out in Dec, ideally with the option to register. At minimum, send out the save the date.
  • Flora has checked and reserved informatics institute room space

Social event planning (Cory):

  • Planning a social get-together for board and active carpentries club members to get everyone introduced to the website, file storage, google drives, etc.. Part tutorial, part social space.
  • Caitlin will take charge of scheduling
  • Locations – expecting ~10 people. Bartram-Carr courtyard looks good– has wifi, some outlets. Cory may bring food, or else we would brown-bag it.

Sponsorship emails + budget

Waiting on budget update info, will revisit next meeting

Other business

  • Cory will manually generate the reports in the style of the previous. Would appreciate reminder in January.
  • New member onboarding: Audrey will add new board members to google drive, we will work out github usernames. Some of this can be worked out at the upcoming onboarding social.

Next meeting

  • 2022 December, date TBD. Planned in-person event!
  • Chair: Caitlin
  • Secretary: Audrey