2022-03-14 Board Meeting

2022-03-14 Board Meeting

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Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: March 14, 2022 11:00 AM (EST)
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approve meeting minutes from Feb. 28th board meeting
    3. Update on Carpentries’ new policy on use of logo
    4. Update on FY22 budget & membership tier
    5. Update on sponsorship emails
    6. Update on upcoming workshops
    7. Discussion on documenting Chair & Secretary responsibilities on website or in charter
    8. Any other business
  • Participants:
    • Audrey Smith, Cory Brunson, Narayani Barve, Caitlin Campbell, Dellena Bloom, Amobi Amanambu
    • Meeting Chair: Audrey
    • Meeting Secretary: Cory



All attendees had been introduced; introductions were skipped.

Approve meeting minutes from Feb. 28th board meeting

February 28 minutes were unanimously approved.

Audrey attended Carpentries info session on new logo policy

  • our logo does not adhere to policy (due to change to shape)
  • not urgent, but will need to change, ideally this academic year
  • will share notes from session

Cory asked about asking for special approval of existing logo

  • may not be an option
  • Audrey will follow up
  • Caitlin urges that we push to keep our existing logo

Update on FY22 budget & membership tier

Cory did not hear back from Trista at previous email

  • Audrey will provide new email; Cory will email again

Update on sponsorship emails

Narayani heard back from UFBI: will contribute $1,000, willing to contribute more if needed

Audrey and Cory will contact departments originally assigned to Trista

Update on upcoming workshops

Amanda emailed an update:

  • Flora has created registrations for the upcoming centrally-organized events (see email from March 2); we can start advertising them any time
  • no update yet about securing instructors

Python workshop is in 3 weeks

  • Audrey will send out call for helpers
  • need to have website up and then advertise

Audrey will ask Amanda about asking Carpentries about creating the websites

Discussion on documenting Chair & Secretary responsibilities on website or in charter

Tentatively agree to add a Governance page with chair & secretary responsibilities

  • Chair creates Zoom session, creates an agenda issue, & sends invitation to informatics teachers list
  • Secretary creates new event on website using this information
  • Secretary posts minutes & resolves agenda issue

Will discuss via email & next meeting

Any other business

Audrey got recognized as a workshop instructor! & got positive feedback

When to schedule recurring / regular workshops?

  • easier for our instructors to instruct
  • Fall: Reproducible Scientific Analysis
  • Spring: Ecology

Audrey will email informatics teaching list to ask what week (before, first, second) each semester would be best

Notes for next meeting

Audrey and Cory will again chair and take notes

Scheduled for March 28