2021-06-08 Board Meeting

UF Carpentries Meeting Minutes

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  • Location: Remote
  • Date: June 08, 2021 10:00 AM (ET)
  • Agenda

    1. Introductions
    2. Approve minutes from 5/25/21 board meeting
    3. Travel Grant Applications
    4. Library Workshop for Fall Discussion w/Hao
    5. Genomics Workshops for Summer
    6. Preparation for 2021-2022 Elections
  • Participants:
    • Brandon, Trista, Narayani, Max, Audrey, Brian, Amobi, Ryan Mears, Hao ye
  • Meeting Chair: Trista
  • Meeting Secretary: Max



Approve meeting minutes for May 25 Board Meeting

  • Approved by board majority

Travel Grant Applications & Funds

  • Only one grant application was submitted; also, registrations for many incoming workshops are not open yet, or opening this week. This includes the applicant’s workshop. Audrey is in contact with her.
  • The funds we make available cannot be rolled over to next year.
  • Applications to close June, Thu 10
  • Remainder funds to be spent on Data Carpentry T-shirts to identify instructors during future in-person workshops
  • T-shirts should be ordered by Monday; Brian to look for the logo picture in the right format for printing on t-shirts; Hao sent a link to formats
  • Audrey to get quotes for the purchase
  • Library Workshop for Fall Discussion w/Hao

  • Hao introducing library workshop, and discussing R vs sql
  • September could be a good time for the workshop
  • Practicalities of the workshop, such as place and availability of computers and rooms, to be further discussed, as it will likely be an in-person workshop

Genomics Workshops for Summer

  • Workshop to be held on June 24-25 (Thu-Fri)
  • Max to be one of the instructor; waiting for confirmation from another two peopel who previously gave availability to be instructors as well.
  • Narayani to be a helper or instructor (to be confirmed); also is going to help with registration process
  • Audrey can be a helper on Friday only
  • Vijay to be a helper; also to take care of the github page
  • Considering this is a total beginner intro, most issues are expected to rise from Linux syntax issues; as per Brandon’s suggestion, registration to be capped at 30-35 max trainees
  • Registration to be made public next week
  • Instructors’ meeting to be held possibly this Friday morning; Max to send email out

Preparation for 2021-2022 Elections

  • Elections to be held around end of August
  • Brandon proposed to postpone the later in the fall (September), to use in-person meetings/workshops to recruit new members
  • Following Brandon’s observations, elections probably to be moved to around September 14
  • Previously discussed positions to be advertized so people can be candidates to specific positions

Furtehr points to be discussed during the next meeting:

  • NA

Positions for next meeting:

  • Next meeting: June 22, 2021
  • Meeting Chair: Audrey
  • Meeting Secretary: Narayani