2021-03-30 Board Meeting

UF Carpentries Meeting Minutes

tags: UF Carpentries Meeting
  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: Mar 30, 2021 10.00AM
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approve minutes from March 16th board meeting
    3. Annual reports
    4. Finalize instructor training application
    5. Revisit “Ensuring priority workshop registration for sponsoring departments” from previous meeting
    6. Debrief regarding past Geospatial Workshop
  • Participants:
    • Max Tagliamonte
    • Audrey Smith
    • Brandon Marriell
    • Trista Brophy
    • Narayani Barve
    • Vijay Barve
    • Amobichukwu Amanambu
  • Meeting Chair: Trista
  • Meeting Secretary: Narayani


  1. Minutes were approved unanimously.
  2. Brandon informed that UF Libraries has agreed for sponsorship of $1500.
  3. Audrey and Geraldine would work on the annual reports. Geraldine has the script to pull the data from workshop details to generate the report. Audrey is still waiting for the Geraldine so that they both can work together
  4. Narayani will design the google form for instructor training. We should post the google form link to listserve, website etc by Friday i.e April 2nd 2021.
    • Give 2 weeks (16th April) for people to apply for instructor training.
    • In board meeting on 13th April decide the scoring.
    • If needed board can meet the week after for finilization of selection else if the top choices are clear it could be done over email.
  5. Email to sponsoring department a week before we open up the registrations for all.
    • If there is any issue with registrations ( 6 registrations per sponsoring department), then we can sort on registrations based on time stamp.
  6. Workshop went really well. Pace of the workshop was good. Only few people felt it was fast or slow. But more than 75% of the participants were happy with the pace
    • Not all topics we could cover, so few topics were rushed or skipped.
    • Strategy could be to cut out some of the contents from the lessons provided.
    • For few lessons, contents was repeated. So, we can reduce such repeatitions to save time.
    • Should we take smaller but frequent breaks? instead of two 30 minutes breaks and an hour long break?
    • Longer breaks are sometimes distracting, people do start other work and do not return on time.
    • Brandon thinks that for it might be workshop dependent. Because Intro to R longer breaks are useful. In geospatial workshop, we can have shorter breaks.
    • Are the survey’s sent to the registered participants? Audrey will send the links to the registered participants about the survey to folow up.
    • Only on the first day we need more helpers, but later we do not need that many helpers, as we usually see reduced participation.
    • Depending upon the workshop we might need to decide the workshop helpers.
  7. Next meeting will be on 13th April. Trista chair, Narayani secretary.