2021-02-02 Board Meeting

Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: Feb 2nd, 2021 10:00 AM (ET)
  • Agenda:
    1. Introductions
    2. Approve minutes from January 19th board meeting
    3. Updates on sponsorships
    4. Discussion of annual reports with Geraldine
    5. Debrief on Spring Intro to R workshop
    6. Discuss next workshop for Spring
  • Participants: Brandon Merriell, Trista Brophy, Massimiliano Tagliamonte, Narayani Barve, Brian Stucky, Vijay Barve, Alethea Geiger, Audrey Smith, Neeka Sewnath
  • Meeting Chair: Trista
  • Meeting Secretary: Brandon


Approve Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes approved.

    Sponsorship Email Updates

  • Still have not heard back from SNRE - will follow up within next week.
  • Max will follow up with Vet med.
  • Still have not heard back from School of Pharmacy.
  • Still have not heard back from UFGI - Vijay will follow up.
  • Still have not heard back from ag and bio. engineering - Audrey will confirm contacts and follow up.
  • Perhaps we include a ‘respond by’ date in our sponsorship emails to motivate responses
    • Request response by end of February

Annual Report

  • Send out an annual report to our sponsors (hasn’t been done lately)
    • Need to clarify when the report should be sent out
  • Need to update master list of workshop partcipants
  • Will return to next meeting

    Debrief: Spring 2021 Intro to R Workshop

  • Workshop polling improved as workshop went on
    • People initially thought we moved too quickly, but as workshop progressed they thought it was just the right pace
      • We adjusted pace some, and participants got more comfortable with R/slack/etc. over course of workshop
      • Positive feedback regarding use of Slack
  • Vijay: Great first experience teaching and organizing workshop, pacing of 2nd day was better than first
  • Narayani: Teaching and organizing was very good learning experience, noted that many people indicated the pacing was too fast
    • Too many data structures to cover all in one session
  • Neeka: Really positive experience, willing to help with future workshops
  • Fewer people attended 2nd day than first
    • ~32 participants first day
    • ~25 participants second day
      • Dropped down as low as ~20 by end of 2nd day
  • Not everyone responded to confirmation email within specified deadline, so spots were given to others on the waitlist
    • Some people who lost their spot due to lack of response subsequently sent angry email about losing spot
  • Organization of workshop felt a bit rushed - especially recruitment of instructors/helpers
  • Given number of helpers, we could have handled more participants without being overwhelmed by questions
    • Perhaps bump registration limit to 40 or 45 participants
  • Could we make workshop signup for each day independent?
    • Register for first day, separately register for 2nd
    • May make keeping track of workshop registrations difficult
  • We can request participants not share the Zoom link with others for future workshops
    • Prevents non-registered parties from attending (and prevents Zoom-bombing)

Future Workshops

  • Instructor training
    • We have 6 slots allocated for virtual instructor training
      • Can choose to sponsor additional participants, but its pricey ($1000+ per added participant)
  • Tentatively target end of March for next workshop
    • Geospatial?
  • Should we run another Intro to R workshop again?
    • 7-8 people who did not attend most recent workshop indicated desire to attend
  • Run a Genomics workshop in early May?
    • Want to avoid late April since that’s finals period and semester wrap-up
    • Target break between Spring and Summer semesters - this is when people are likely available
    • Need to make sure we have the instructional expertise to run this one

Next Meeting

  • Ideas for next workshop
  • Annual report discussion with Geraldine
  • Budget discussion

Info for Next Meeting

  • Next meeting: Feb 16th, 2021 10:00 AM (ET)
  • Meeting Chair: Brandon
  • Meeting Secretary: Audrey