2020-12-15 Board Meeting

2020-12-15 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting Minutes
  • Location: Remote
  • Date: Dec 15, 2020 10.00AM
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions.
    2. Approve minutes from December 1, 2020 board meeting.
    3. Quick report on Chemometrics mini-workshop.
    4. Updates from all board members on sponsorship emails and responses.
    5. Continue planning for spring R workshop (January 25, 26).
  • Participants:
    • Brian Stucky
    • Vijay Barve
    • Narayani Barve
    • Brandon Merriell
    • Trista Brophy
    • Alethea Geiger
    • Hao Ye
  • Meeting Chair: Brian
  • Meeting Secretary: Vijay



  • Hao Ye formal board member

    Approve meeting minutes

  • Minutes from December 1st, 2020 were approved

    Chemometrics workshop

  • Two lectures for the Chemometrics mini-workshop was conducted by Brian Stucky. This could be treated as one more workshop for reporting.

    Sponsorship emails

  • Member updates
    • We have $1000 commitment form UFBI : Brian
    • College of Pharmacy, a zoom meeting was held. They want a workshop for Graduate Students. They are supportive and currently working on sponsoring us : Brian
    • EPI needs follow up : Brian
    • Trisha has contacted SNRE
    • Brandon has contacted Biology, Libarary and WEC, waiting for reply
    • Vijay has contacted UFGI
    • Narayani has contacted FLMNH
  • We will have to follow up in first week of January 2021
  • We need to add all the potential and actual sponsors in the registration form selection of school / department to capture data on attendance of associated members

    Planning for spring R workshop (January 25, 26)

    • Two days workshop but shorter contents and more room for brakes
    • Contents would be largely based on September 28 & 29, 2020 Workshop
    • Intro to Excel to be included as part of data management best practices
    • Intro to R, dplyr, ggplot (https://vratchaudhary.github.io/plotting_r/)

Workshop organization ideas and tasks

  • Breakout during breaks
  • Slack to be used for communication during workshop based on earlier experience
  • Virtual workshop should be smaller in size
  • Make it clear that we have office hours during the breaks to address questions that participants might have
  • Recommend having 2nd monitor for the workshop for participants to manage online sessions, R studio and slack discussion
  • A script to be provided to participants for them to run and make sure system is set up correctly
  • Let us keep the workshop free
  • Follow up email for confirmation of participation to make sure we have higher participation
  • Set up workshop website by copying the repo
  • Open Registration two days after session starts
    • Do contact managers of email listservs ahead of time, so that the post can go up on the correct date
  • Participants 30 and at least 3 helpers

    Next board meeting

  • Tuesday 5th Jan 2021 10AM (Remote)
  • Meeting Chair : Brian
  • Meeting Secretary : Vijay