2020-10-20 Board Meeting



  • Approve minutes from Oct. 06, 2020 board meeting.
  • Review board member roles and assign positions
  • Discuss funding/2020-2021 sponsorship
  • Planning, organizing, and running workshops.



  • Brandon, Brian, Elise, Trista, Max,Narayani, Vijay, Audrey. Alethea
  • New Board Members: Audrey, Max, Vijay, Narayani, Brandon, Trista

Board positions

  • Chair:Bradon/Brian: Alethea, Social Media Coordinator: Trista, Secretary; Audrey
  • REC Board Member: Don’t need designated REC at this time

Approve minutes from Oct. 6 Baord Meeting

  • Minutes approved by majority of previous board


  • IFAS: what type of workshop will be most beneficial?
  • Letter to sponsors: complete & fill in blanks by Nov. 1st
  • Determine what departments most represented at workshops and ask for funding
  • College of Pharmacy as well; they contacted Eve and were very interested in priority registration
    • Many Pharmacy students wanted to attend most recent workshop, but were waitlisted, so admin at Pharmacy was very interested in getting priority registration
    • Had a very diverse group of participants at this last workshop


  • Organize one workshop for Fall 2020
  • Virtual workshop- no registration fees, no food provided
  • Implement plan to deal with no-shows:
    • Reminder/follow-up email-cancel registratin if cannot attend
    • Banned from registered for next workshop if neglect to cancel and no who

Positons for next meeting

  • Next meeting: 10am on 11/02
  • Chair: Brandon
  • Secretary: Audrey