2020-07-28 Board Meeting


  • Introductions
  • Approve minutes from July 21, 2020 board meeting: https://www.uf-carpentries.org/minutes/board-2020-07-21/
  • August workshops.
  • Annual report.
  • Possible short collaboration with chemometrics course (Brian).
  • How do we approach potential sponsors this year?



  • Carla, Eve, Vratika, Alethea, Elise, Brian

Approval of meeting minutes

  • from July 21, 2020 board meeting: https://www.uf-carpentries.org/minutes/board-2020-07-21/
  • approved

Fall workshops

  • Nothing planned for August
  • Introductory workshop would be good:
    • software carpentry: R
    • high performance computing; carpentries has a new short lesson: https://hpc-carpentry.github.io/
    • split into two days, separate registration?
    • For Hipergator would need to speak to Ying Zhang (yingz@ufl.edu). She’s the lead over there to coordinate an instructor from their end.
  • or two workshops: unix and HiperGator and then another workshop (R focused)
  • Include carpentries HPCC section in genomics (Carla and Taylor could probably organize one)
    • is the material going to be the same, or will the structure change with NVIDIA?
    • Althea will email Ying about this and will cc the board on it
  • August 12th there will be a seminar (good for the board to attend, on UFII website under AI initiative page)
    • registration will be up on the website
  • Do we want a stand alone workshop with unix and HPCC
    • want to check with Matt Gitzendanner’s schedule for HPG training, make sure not overlapping
    • Can reach out to him about the live coding workshop and he can help advertise it
  • Intro to R in mid-September (general agreement)
    • Sometime around 21-23 of Sept.

Annual report

  • Travel awards: does the number in the report include awards from this past round of awards (Alethea will confirm, but likely does)
  • All approve that this report
  • How do we handle distributing this?
  • Request that Jennica contacts Geraldine about how to proceed re: distribution
  • No specific deadline, try to give it out every fiscal year (For UF around July)
  • Membership renewal 15th August
  • Add specific detail about REC focused workshop
  • Carla will reply to the email thread, finalize over email before next board meeting

Possible short collaboration with chemometrics course (Brian).

  • John Bowden, wants short sequence of lectures (2-3 lectures) for chemometrics
  • Basic intro to machine learning
  • Could borrow material from the USDA workshop held in a prior year
  • Do a two class sequence, basic intro/hands on stuff
  • Open it up to people beyond his class, open as a mini-workshop
  • Do we want to do custom lectures for people’s courses?
  • USDA workshop went well last summer
    • Difficult to find time to put it together
    • Less instruction time, only two lectures
  • What does he expect for the class?
    • Would be happy to have someone show up and give students some hands-on work
  • If we do decide to do this, just make it a workshop? Or just the lectures that are open to other people?
  • Could just do short modules for his class
  • People willing to help, but some not familiar with the material
  • Brian will tell John he’s happy to teach, others will be willing to help

How do we approach potential sponsors this year?

  • Check with Geraldine and Jennica to cover topic with IFAS
  • UFII: Alethea checks with Dr. M
  • Museum, WEC, UFBI previous sponsors, we emailed them previously
  • We have a draft email ready to go in our shared drive
  • Only need $7500 for silver membership
  • Don’t really need to reach out to too many sponsors
    • Dropping down membership costs
    • Virtual workshops less cost
    • Do we want to build up funds for next year’s membership fee?
    • If we have extra from this year, will it need to be spent
    • The 3k from IFAS needs to be spent this year
    • But each funding source has different requirement for how quickly funds are spent
  • Still reach out to sponsors, to update them about what we’ve been doing
    • Vratika will do that for UFBI and WEC to let them know what we’re working on
  • Would want to ramp up asking for funding at the end of this fall, next spring for August 2021 registration
  • Incentive: early registration, particularly useful for online workshops that fill up quickly
  • How much does IFAS give us? $10k
  • In terms of budget, if we don’t have the membership fee, do we need to get funds? Fees were originally meant to cover membership fee if we couldn’t get sponsorship, but now used to cover food and travel awards
    • If we get extra funds they could go to travel awards

Next agenda item:

  • Election timeline
  • Alethea: membership update

Roles for next meeting:

  • Carla chair
  • Vratika will be secretary
  • Will meet again in two weeks