2020-06-02 Board Meeting


Board members: Vratika (chair), Brian (secretary), Eve, Elise Guests: Kathe Todd-Brown, Felipe Sanchez, Geraldine Klarenberg

Approval of minutes

None to approve from last meeting.

Review and feedback of Neon plus geospatial workshop.

  • Workshop went well overall. Instructors did well, learners seemed enthusiastic.
  • Breakout rooms seemed to work. Important to have at least one helper per breakout room. Elise: Noticed some people not really participating in breakout rooms (i.e., leaving the room and not engaging).
  • Maybe too many volunteers? Need at least one per breakout room, though.
  • Chat window can become confusing if there is too much activity. Etherpad could be a better way to do this.
  • Maybe ask people to turn cameras on in breakout rooms?
  • Explain breakout room functionality better beforehand.
  • Elise: Moderators should lower everyone’s hands after doing a “sticky” exercise so there is no confusion later.
  • Kathe: More systematic feedback gathering would be good. Kathe will share an informal form she created; we can edit/improve for the next workshop.
  • We should discourage private messages for questions in the zoom chat during a workshop. Also, lack of persistence of chat over disconnect/reconnect is a problem.
  • Overall, probably best to just use etherpad instead of zoom chat.

Carpentries stats and reporting

  • Geraldine gave us an overview of reporting tools she has created.
    • Data in SwC_DC_UF.
    • Reports in SwC_DC_UF/Annual Reports.
    • Hao created UF-Carpentry/website-stats git repo. Don’t know all the details of what it does/how it works.
    • Geraldine created UF-Carpentry/workshop-data git repo for generating participant stats/reports.
  • Students who are affiliated with multiple departments are a challenge with reporting.
  • Our new survey would solve some of the data analysis difficulties. Vratika will review the survey before the next workshop.

REC workshop preparation June 29th and 30th

  • Instructor/helper signup has been low.
  • Include NEON module on day 1? The NEON module might be too intense for the beginning. Maybe just include the data downloading stuff if it needs to be on day 1.
  • Priority advertisement to REC centers? We’re not yet sure what is happening here, but the workshop was intended to be REC-exclusive.