2020-04-14 Board Meeting


  • Approve minutes from the last meeting:


  • Geospatial meets NEON workshop 5/18 & 5/19 - free -12 participants
    • registration “pre-workshop survey” link to add to the website
    • online instructors call
    • department listserv document (Everyone put the department contacts for one person to push to) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AyEg5_xJrdbIr1LF0aaSCUcHBKNFVlw0Yqf-TPo8fDk/edit
  • REC workshop survey
    • online workshops for REC can get members from all RECs or we can still choose one REC.
  • updated survey per Brian’s edits https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1za7FX0FxjBpj7FqEZ1zwEK1dy_Snv84LgPZ87GPkBVo/edit


  • Attendees: Eve (chair), Brian, Jenicca, Vratika, Elise (secretary), Alethea

Meeting minutes

  • Meeting minutes approved from last meeting

Geospatial/NEON workshop

  • Pre-workshop survey
  • RSVP registration on website, set up a cap on the registration link: Alethea will set up the registration link
    • we will put the pre-workshop survey on the workshop website, and we will also email the link to the participants before the workshop
    • will also give participants time at the first break to fill out the survey
  • No need to use DOCE, Alethea will set up registration (described above)
  • Instructors: Eve, Felipe are confirmed, will email to source other instructors
    • Vratika will be an instructor if we need another instructor
    • If we do an instructor call, ask people if they have done online teaching before
  • will we use breakout rooms?
    • host may have trouble going from room to room
    • one core instructor acts as host, other instructors as TAs, each assigned to a breakout room
    • have one helper assigned to a breakout room, certain attendees assigned to each breakout room/helper
    • do a trial run for the workshop
    • have multiple breakout rooms, multiple people assigned to the breakout rooms, have one moderator…we need to assign one person to be the moderator
    • Can also pass the host role around, or can make people co-hosts
    • Need to find a time that works with the host, helpers, and instructors to test this system
  • are we following conventional structure for breaks?
    • yes, we will have breaks just like a regular workshop
    • also allowed for Q&A period in their schedule
  • Instructors: need 4 instructors, 1-2 moderator/helpers, 2-3 helpers per session (with 4 students/breakout room)
    • moderator could be a helper
  • Do we want to schedule a meeting in the next few days to test out the implementation of this? Sure, let’s plan to meet
    • Brian, Eve, Vratika, Elise
  • could we make it very interactive to make people participate more?
    • could people submit their exercise code to the helpers?
    • maybe the breakout rooms would be the best way to encourage people to work on the assignments
    • could each breakout room come up with their own solution, then come back to the whole group and one representative shares their screen/coding solution
  • Do we want to use RStudio cloud?
    • useful to have people use RStudio on their machines
    • Eve will look into how RStudio cloud might work a bit more
  • Have doc with listserves that we would like to use for the announcement:
    • Listserves https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1biGPuha3Xj_pZJG6BHRtYpOIxdGrnLlPkrAbFhwwS0Y/edit#gid=0
    • Templates for workshop announcements https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S-lQK6Ks-FAw5z3YZJr_qU4MTSDq39-yiAupyuepTBM/edit#heading=h.7amsi3dy9zpu

REC workshop

  • Do we want to wait to see what the environment is like for Summer/Fall? We should probably plan for online version, UF will be limiting housing in the summer, summer courses are online
  • DC Ecology for the REC program, or do we want something more advanced?
    • could use freely available tutorials for more advanced lessons
  • Do we want to settle on a date and then send out announcement on their listserves?
    • Shifted semester schedule
    • June would be a better option
    • June 15/16, June 22/23
  • Jenicca sent out email inquiring if RECs want an online workshop, still waiting to hear back
    • Jenicca will follow up with them to see what they would like re: content and dates