2020-01-28 Board Meeting


  1. Approve minutes from the last meeting
  2. Final check on Spring social prep
  3. Instructor training
  4. IFAS funding and ideas to use those funds
  5. Social science workshop
  6. Updates on geospatial modeling workshop
  7. USDA machine learning workshop


Board members: Brian Stucky, Eve Bohnett, Vratika Chaudharpy (chair), Jenicca Poongavanan (secretary),Minghao, Carla Mavian; Guests: Felipe Sanchez

Last minute meeting


Spring Social

  • Jan 29th, We are good to go

Instructor Training

  • We are set for March 9th - 10th
  • Brian and Elise are going to co-organise the workshop. From last year there were approximately 17 people.


All the links are set up, the names and dates can be changed if needed.

Meeting with the Dean of IFAS

  • agreed to support the UF carpentries for the next fiscal year
  • He would like an annual report
  • Have a summary of all the workshops that happened during the yeat with all the supporting people


  • Philipp would like to have workshops with Neon and the carpentries
  • putting together an explore Ne.on workshop, getting introduced and acess to the data. Neons have the modules already set up.
  • We could integrate it to the Geospatial data, where we would have integrate neon data with the programming that is done within the normal carpentries course.

Social Science Workshop

  • We have the website set together. An email has also been sent to a couple list serve - social sciences and R.
  • Send the help sign up sheet through the list-serv and call for instructors

Geospatial Modelling Workshop

  • Eve and Vratika will be organises

Machine Learning Workshop

  • Adam Rivers shows interest in a machine learning workshop. He works with USDA on UF campus
  • The previous workshop was held at the union
  • Nothing besides curriculum and instructors is needed from the Carpentries

Financial Survey

  • Does the price of the workshop prevents you from attending the workshop.
  • We can have the people that attend the workshop can fill up a survey after the workshop.


  • We cannot have a table however we can have a poster presentation
  • We could use the slides that Eve put up together