2019-11-19 Board Meeting


  • Spring instructor training workshop details
  • November workshops’ debrief
  • Spring workshops
  • Spring social event
  • UFII director meeting
  • Travel grants


Board members: Brian Stucky, Elise Morrison, Eve Bohnett, Vratika Chaudhary (chair), Jenicca Poongavanan (secretary),Minghao, Carla Mavian; Guests: Brandon, Hao Ye,

Last Meeting Minutes

  • Approved

Novemeber Workshop Debrief

  • We had sticky note feedback at the end of the two days.
  • Overall the feedback was positive. One day one, the participants mentionned things were going too quickly.
  • We did lose a couple of people on day 2.
  • some additional comments from Brian and Vratika - For this workshop we had a new mix of lessons. It was a good curriculum - the most useful and successful curriculum so far. Most researchers now manages their data in databases, csv files.
  • A checklist of basic things an instructor can go through to make sure to cover the necessary points. The instructors can use this as a guideline.
  • We could also give new instructors a chance but giving a lesson for the first 15 min of the workshop, to give them a chance get feedback from the other more experienced intructors.
  • We should make sure the helpers are on the same page.
  • Make sure to have vegan options. Have more vegetarian options.
  • Survey on scholarship for workshops - the feedback was that the fee was too high. Two people said that the fee was the reason why they didnt attend the workshop before.
  • We should ask for a feedback from the participant regarding the fees.

Genomics Workshop Debrief

  • A lot of people praised the workshop.
  • Helpers were very helpful.
  • The first day was too slow. The first day they had to work with entering command lines.
  • The instructors are thinking of shrinking the time allocated to command lines.
  • Some people mentionned about having an introduction of the other participants.
  • A lot of people forget about their sticky notes.
  • A lot of the syllabus was not included - it was done very briefly. They are thinking of starting with the command line.

Spring Instructor Workshop

  • We are targeting February 2020.
  • We need to set up the application maybe early January.

Spring Workshop

  • We are considering a REC as location. UF satelites campus.
  • Geospatial Modelling - usually a big demand of this workshop.
  • We can run a bigger workshop (>25), if we find a bigger venue. One option would be to run two sessions. Also it could be only a one day option
  • Machine learning workshop
  • Software carpentry one day workshop. (MAYBE)

Spring Social

  • Sometime late January 2020. Two weeks before the instructor workshop.

Travel grants

  • We have a losely set cycle. There is a call for application where people apply. It is usually 2 to 3 times a year.
  • We need to sort out the deadlines etc by early next year so as to allow people to make plans.
  • We need to set up the application thorugh google forms.
  • Applications should be out by early January

UFII director meeting

  • Wednesday 20th Nov 2020

Officer positions

  • Vratika: Chair
  • Jenicca/Carla: secretary