2019-09-10 Board Meeting


  • Approve last week’s minutes
  • Status on elections (new schedule, current nominations, social event, AOB)
  • Status on travel awards
  • Status on ResBaz
  • Status on upcoming workshops:
    • Genomics (Fall)
    • Ecology (October)
    • Social sciences (TBD)
    • UCF (TBD)
    • ML/network analysis (Spring)


Brian, Alethea, Gaurav, Hao, Elise, Simona, Plato, Ben



  • 8 applicants
  • Do we want to waive the criteria for outreach coordinator?
  • Is the listserve the best way to reach out to people?
  • Next year, forward to sponsoring departments
  • Informatics-teaching does encompass people who have attended a list
  • Mel Moreno (WEC), could be a good candidate: scientific support
  • Could we have incentives for board members and/or a full time staff that helps, get it included in people’s job descriptions
    • How do we get people to sign up to lead workshops?
    • Foster community a bit more; social events
    • Announce elections after each workshop
  • What if we do the social in a week or two?
    • Spread the word a bit earlier next year
    • Is Greg sending out announcements on grad student listserve? (elections weren’t announced on this listserve)
    • encourage people to attend the board meetings
    • Plan to organize a social to:
      • Meet the new board
      • lunch hour with pizza
      • turn it into a town hall
    • pushing it back twice looks bad, also a fairness issue; people who got it in put the time in
    • original was 7, had a tie, had 8, then lost 2
    • Not a big deal if we just go ahead and elect everyone that applied
    • In agreement: take all the applicants for the new board (have elections)
      • Next meeting: before board meeting on 9/24, have pizza, invite funders to the social, push board meeting earlier
      • set time at 12pm-1:30 lunch with meeting to follow
      • Elections close on the day of the social
      • Include mention of travel awards at the social
      • Advertise social through R-Ladies
        • Twitter and meetup
    • How many people instructed in the last year (about 20), if we have food for 30-40…have 42 instructors (alhtough there might be duplicates)
  • Social in spring for a month before instructor training

Travel awards

  • scored awards
  • have enough for 3 awards ($1500)
  • the call was for $500
  • All agreed to award all three
  • De-anonymized process worked well (double-blind)

Status on ResBaz

  • It’s all organized
  • Meet at 8am to set up

Status on upcoming workshops:

  • genomics workshop:
    • need to get in contact with Carla and Taylor
    • Geraldine will touch base with them
  • Workshop:
    • Ecology workshop
    • early next week: Brian and Elise will email to organize
  • Machine learning:
    • feedback
    • developed all materials, was a lot of different people
    • wasn’t super well aligned
    • went well, people from USDA and Demitri are interested in doing it again
    • sort of uneven, some of the sessons went better than others, people need to coordinate lessons a bit better
    • next time: go through all the materials
      • go through lessons to make sure everyone uses the same datasets and same terminology
  • Have three workshops TBD:
    • social sciences:
      • Has anyone reached out to Sasha - no one has yet
      • Was from community interest, demand from psychology
      • RSSIG: R social sciences interest group; Rafael Vaca, runs workshop every fall semester; should be starting in Oct.
        • does 8 weeks of workshop
        • goes onto network analysis etc.
        • Oct-Dec, registration details TBA
      • Gaurav will contact Sasha
    • machine learning:
      • Geraldine is interested in helping with this for the Spring
    • UCF: Carla brought it up, haven’t heard anything else for this; have Carla follow up with this

For next meeting:

  • come up with a list of items for ToDo items for the next board
  • have handover document pages for the different roles:
    • look over them, take people through these documents
  • Next meeting on the 24th