2019-06-25 Board Meeting

UF Carpentries Board Meeting, June 25, 2019


Chair: Hao

Secretary: Joe

Board Members: Brian, Gaurav

Non-board Members: Dimitri Bourilkov, Deborah Paul


  • Approve last week’s minutes
    • https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/website/blob/master/_minutes/Board-2019-06-11.md
    • Approved
  • Logo next steps
    • Approved. New logo is currently used in Slack.
  • General funding updates
    • Carpentries renewal of $15,000 covered by IFAS ($10,000), with some IFAS money earmarked for REC Program.
    • UFII are committed to usual ($3,750), UF Libraries ($1,500), WEC ($1,500)
  • Other requests for renewal/operation funding
    • Email sent out to FLMNH and they just confirmed a $1, 500 sponsorship
    • Email sent out to Biology
      • Biology had 16 workshop attendees during the 2018-19 academic year, the largest number of attendees from any department
  • ResBaz planning updates
    • Preliminary schedule on time blocking between 9/11-9/13
  • REC Program
    • Hao thinks we should add language formalizing our REC work on the website
      • Including on the Travel Award section (special travel award from RECs to Gainesville)
  • Identify election board for Fall
  • Identify travel award selection committee for Fall
    • Identify early to solicit more applications
    • Deb suggests improving advertisement
    • Hao suggests improving timing too
  • Standardize communications (e.g. intro slides, requests for volunteer instructors/helpers)
    • We need to clarify that instructor training is not a prerequisite for helping
    • Deb recommends intro slides like iDigBio uses
      • With the institutional take-home message within those slides
  • UF/USDA machine learning workshop updates
    • No meetings this week
  • Revamping Code of Conduct
    • No progress yet
  • Preliminary workshop schedule for Fall 2019
    • Joe asks how we should construct this schedule and how the new board should follow it when they assume office
    • Deb invites us to FSU, where there is space and interest
    • Genomics lesson has been updated since the last time EPI offered it at UF
  • Summer workshops
    • No summer workshops
  • Select chair and secretary for next 2 meetings
    • Chair: Gaurav Vaidya
    • Secretary: Hao Ye