2019-03-12 Board Meeting

UF Carpentries Board Meeting, Mar 12, 2019


Chair: Elise

Secretary: Joe

Board Members: Hao, Brian, Geraldine

Non-board Members: Taylor, Max, Alethea, Plato


  • Approve previous meeting’s minutes https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/website/blob/master/_minutes/Board-2019-02-19.md
    • Minutes approved
  • Discussion with Alethea:
    • Workshop waitlist and priority registration
      • Alethea and Flora could input the names once workshops fill up that DOCE sends them into the shared Google Doc once they are given access
      • We need to remove “reserved seats” and substitute it for “priority registration” to clarify our committment to funding agencies. Including the EPI Workshop
      • Let Flora know of any changes to the catering (DOCE has fields for dietary restrictions that participants can check)
    • Workshop registration announcement
      • Adding a line asking participants to email Alethea to be added to the waitlist
    • Access to shared google drive
    • Modifying workshop sign-in sheets
      • DOCE output has a number of set fields, we can take this and strip out the unnecessary information to produce sign-in sheets – Hao will work on scripts to handle this for future workshops
  • Discuss EPI workshop with Taylor Paisie
    • HPC lesson (https://hpc-carpentry.github.io/ ?)
      • Alex will teach the HPC lesson
    • Instructors (Taylor, Carla, Alex, and Max)
    • Co-organizing board member- Geraldine
    • Taylor is seeking a helper or instructor with command line experience
    • Taylor brought a schedule with who is teaching each lesson
      • No lesson for Intro to R but yes Intro to Command Line
      • Hao recommends that the helpers and instructors meet beforehand
    • Survey links and registration links are completed but have not been sent yet
      • UF Carpentries Board will send out registration link on Monday to departments for priority registration
    • Catering can be brought to the front room of EPI. Flora will need to be contacted by Taylor
    • Event website needs to be updated to remove the R lesson since it will not be taught
  • April Instructor Training
    • Email will be sent out today through announcement channels
    • Elise has drafted the general announcement with Brian’s evaluation critera below it
    • Brian will send emails to the sponsors for instructor training priority registration
    • Flora will send registration links to the other listservs including Teaching Informatics, R Users, Grad Student Listserv, UFII/UFBI,
    • Francois has made the event website
    • Geraldine will notify Carpentries tomorrow morning the closing day of the application
  • REC workshop update tabled
  • IFAS Dean meeting on 3/15/19
    • Geraldine/Simona will let us know May 6th workshop details once they meet with IFAS
  • Changes to workshop waitlist management (https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/Coordination/issues/86)
    • Budget in reserved seats for financial sponsors (for 2019-2020)
    • We can have different prices using the DOCE system
    • We can also send a link where the price is zero and then change the price once the priority registration seats are filled
    • Alethea and Flora can modify the self-identifying information participants input through DOCE.
    • Alethea needs the sign-in sheet to justify catering
  • ResBaz prelim planning and coordination tabled, github issue will be opened
  • Long-term workshop schedule tabled
  • Google and Twitter accounts tabled
  • Travel Awards tabled
    • Alethea recommends that we give access to the travel awards names to her when we give permissions to the Google Drive
  • Club logo and stickers
    • Elise contacted Flora and Alethea about this and they will order regular Carpentries stickers for April workshops
    • Design logo April/May tabled
  • Other Items
    • Pick a Chair and Secretary for next meeting
      • Joe will be chair
      • Brian will be secretary
  • Action Items for 3/26/19 Meeting
    • ResBaz prelim planning and coordination tabled, github issue will be opened
    • Long-term workshop schedule tabled
    • Google and Twitter accounts tabled
    • Travel Awards tabled
    • Logo design for April/May