2018-07-31 Board Meeting


Simona (remote), Kristina (remote), Hao, Matt, Geraldine, Justin, Miao, Punam, Henry


  • update on renewal funding
  • detailed per-workshop budget breakdown (how to fund future workshop)
  • logistics for Research Bazaar (speakers, rooms, food, funding)
  • travel award period for Fall 2018
  • workshops for Fall 2018
  • how to spend funding
  • planning for Fall 2018 board elections


Carpentries Africa Task Force

  • Justin is going to join Anelda van der Walt for an online planning meeting
  • week of August 27
  • anyone else interested in joining?

Membership Renewal Funding

  • Biology said no
  • Museum said yes ($1500)
  • WEC said yes ($1500)
  • current commitments
  • $3750 each (Ethan, iDigBio, UFBI, UFII)
  • Geraldine will check with Ag and Bio Engineering
  • EPI ?
  • SFRC ?

Budget Breakdown

  • we make about $15 per seat at current registration rate minus expenditures
  • we have about $2000 - $3000 to spend
  • travel

Research Bazaar

  • speakers (Simona)
  • physical space for the Python workshop and Friday events
    • 1st floor of library + Marston 136 is booked
    • Reitz Union is an option (but catering has to go through them - what is the process)
    • CSE E231 (2nd floor of UFII building) - reservation request in for Python
    • McCarty C 100 lecture room
    • Punam will check with Flora and Alethea about options
  • R website (Simona will do today)
  • We’ll fund food (check with Flora and Alethea)
  • Flora ready to send out email announcement (add Hao to email chain)
  • Mini-workshops for Friday (Justin will coordinate)
    • Justin will do Shiny
    • Geraldine will do reproducibility
    • ??? will do blogdown site
    • ??? will do GitHub and RStudio
  • R-ladies will do First Magnitude 6-8pm on Wednesday
  • Informal organization for Friday (Cypress and Grove)
  • Emails for instructors and helpers will go out

Travel Award for Fall

  • applications open September 17 - October 1
  • decisions on October 8

Workshops for Fall

  • Monday Tuesday October 15-16
  • check schedule

Other things to spend $$$ on

  • basically anything other than cash awards or alcohol


  • monthly meetup
  • off-campus for social activities
  • on-campus for talks
  • events
    • September (Talk)
    • October ()
    • November (Package)
    • December (Website)
    • February (trivia)

UF R-Gators

  • moving to open coding

Gainesville R

  • monthly talks

Board Elections for Fall

  • start of semester is week of August 20
  • announcements can go out first week
  • nominations due on Monday September 10; vote on Friday September 14


  • Justin and Hao will do blogposts for Carpentry Con and Carpentry Connect Davis

Room Booking

  • scheduled for the rest of Fall, every other Tuesday 3pm

Next Meeting

  • August 13, 3pm