2018-06-19 Board Meeting


Simona (remote), Kristina (remote), Geraldine (remote), Matt, Punam, Justin, Miao, Brian, Hao, Carpentries Executive Council, David Jennings, Jilly Bean (remote)


  • benefits for supporting departments and membership renewal
  • dates for fall workshop(s)
  • travel award cycle for the summer
  • next meeting (July 3 - interim chair, Simona will be gone)


Renewal funding and benefits for supporting departments

  • four options for selling out benefits
    • discounted seats for workshops (not feasible with existing registration system)
    • reserved seats for workshops
      • could do 50/50 reserved seats, gets us to 70 seats for $15000
      • early announcement and registration
      • “priority” registration?
    • reserved seats for instructor training
      • same conceptual idea as for workshops, skip application process
      • will this be valuable to departments?
      • has broader pedagogical value
    • arranging for mutual scheduling of workshops and content
  • $1500 (unit for support)
    • 6 priority seats in workshops
    • 2 priority seats in instructional training
    • first review of workshop schedule
      • how would this work?
      • input into timing and material
      • input into instructor selection
      • helps us identify what students will benefit from
      • “participation in the schedule” (one scheduling meeting per semester?)
  • Is this needed?
    • many departments may have good will for funding already


  • Ethan (White Lab) will support up to $3750
  • Larry (iDigBio) will support $3750
  • Informatics / Library might be able to support $3750
  • money might need to be shuffled around to deal with what grants can support
  • sustainability for future funding is a priority objective

Fall 2018 Workshops

  • first week of October (iDigBio has summit on 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
    • iDigBio is working on an adaptation of the R Ecology lesson using collections data (could be presented / taught)
    • 1-day version? (scheduling is difficult with LSU playing on Friday)
    • logistics can follow regular Carpentries workshops

Travel Awards

  • do we want to have one for the summer?
    • we’re out of money
  • do we want to schedule an awards cycle for the Fall?
  • next discussion point will be Spring 2019
    • need to figure out budgeting (treasurer)

Next Meeting

  • see this for updating schedule: https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/Coordination/issues/25
  • shift forward next week’s meeting to June 26

August Workshops

  • coordination for all of our friends?
    • R meetup (Dan Maxwell)
    • Libraries (Plato)
    • HPC?
    • UFIT
  • schedule a coordination meeting in mid-July
  • what events?
    • at least 2 full workshops
    • at least 2 single-day workshops
  • discussion panel
    • non-academic careers panel (UFII, UFIT, Libraries?)


  • Carpentry Connect in South Africa (~September)
  • Carpentry Champions / Community-Building
    • how can the UF model be “exported” / duplicated elsewhere?
    • how can the executive council support this? (they are interested)

Action Items

  • open an issue and make a google doc for initial email
  • schedule a coordination meeting for August Carpentries Festival / Research Bazaar for the week of July 9