2017-12-07 Board Meeting


Matthew Collins, Geraldine Klarenberg, Maio Sun, Brian Stucky, Dan Maxwell, Justin Millar, Plato Smith, Hao Ye, Erica Cristensen, Kristina Riemer, Simona Picardi (remote)


  1. Approve mission statement draft
  2. Approve board structure
  3. Approve election schedule and process
  4. Approve call for instructors/organizers for workshops next semester (aka give board members first option)


mission statement draft

Still need to incorporate some feedback both from the meeting and in the document but mostly ok. General approval with final approval to be done off line this week.

board structure

General approval, finalization to come this week.

Move eligibility to elections section.

elections structure

Geraldine observed that people on the board need Carpentries experience and voters need UF Carpentries experiance which means someone could serve but not vote if they come from another site. This is ok with everyone though.

Decided to expand the voters to be learners too. Slight abuse of their emails to invite them to vote but probably ok. Also opportunity to make people aware of more ways to participate.

instructors and organizers

Jan 22-23 - Brian & Maio instructors Mar 20-21 - Kristina organize & instruct, Simona, Erica instruct

Other Items

Justin has finished the schedule and gotten approval from the Carpentries to call it “Carpentry” for the multi-week course.

Simona asked about organizing a summer workshop at FLREC and there was general approval. To be discussed next semester.

Action Items

  1. Finalize draft charter, send to everyone for approval this week. Send to sponsors next week.
  2. Send email to list serv w/ Justin with all the opportunities to teach and asking for volunteers
  3. Send email to Alethea and Flora w/ finalized workshops to be put on the calendar, also email to list asking people to advertise them and when/where the signup will be (need to set up workshop web pages first and probably more work on the Club web site to have them to refer to for maximum impact)
  4. Continue work on scheduling the instructor training
  5. Reserve classroom (and Marston 136 or 308?) for week before classes in August
  6. Organize elections mechanics & timeline, seat board 2nd week of spring semester
  7. Make list of instructors

Next Agenda

None! This board’s work has concluded, thank you everyone.