2017-11-28 Board Meeting


Justin Milar, Eric Christensen, Kristina Reimer, Hao Ye, Dev Paudel, Brian Stucky, Plato Smith, Matthew Collins, Simona Picardi (remote), Jessica Chitwood (remote)


  1. January workshop, is Dev’s sufficient? How do we support a department’s workshop?
  2. Finalize spring workshop schedule (except inst. training)
  3. Instructor training schedule
  4. Organizational structures
  5. (Optional) Mission statement


January workshop

Originally planned to be part of the Plant Science student symposium but they would like to separate it because it was going to be too much work. They discussed a fee and decided they did not want to charge more than $20. Brian thinks we only have the capacity to support workshops open to all UF and Dev/Jessica say they wanted to open the workshop up anyway. Dev expects there are up to 30 people from the targeted plant science community who would want to come. Want to do mostly Software Carpentry but like some of the Data Carpentry R lesson too.

After discussing whether this was a department workshop, details of how Carp Club workshops are run, and other workshops scheduled, decided:

  • Carp Club will run the January workshop as our usual methods
  • Plant Science club will organize an open workshop after the instructor training and we’ll use this to build up more capacity and interested, potentially inviting plant science folks to the instructor training and also giving them the opportunity to mix in experienced instructors with new helpers from the instructor training.

Finalize schedule

Need to talk more with Maneesha from SwC to schedule instructor training so that is up in the air. Discussed mix of DC and SwC too as well as multi-week course starting on Tuesdays Jan 16 from Justin:

  1. January 16 - Start of 8 week Data Carpentry (Justin, Ben, Shawn organizing)
  2. January 18-19 - Software Carpentry (identify organizer)
  3. February 12-16 - Instructor training this week?
  4. February 19-23 - Software Carpentry this week? (Plant Science organizing)
  5. March 20-21 - Data Carpentry (identify organizer)

These can go to Flora and Aleatha.

Instructor training

Impression from Manessha is that we can ask Kari or Francois, otherwise she will try. Hao would like to move it a week since the following week in Feb is better. Needs more email w/ Maneesha.

Org structures

A strawman: 7 member board, at least one outside/off-campus UF person, one year term, rotate chair twice during Fall/Spring and one for whole summer (one term for each), nominate selves, elected by everyone who’s had any role in a workshop in the last 2 years, ranked choice voting.

General agreement with the above strawman with additions:

  • Require at least one UF staff member, grad student, other classes to be on the board? Should make sure that this doesn’t end up as a student only group. Slicing the board up this finely might be hard though.
  • Need to include undergraduates. Invite/appoint representatives from other interested student groups like DSI and Plant Science?
  • Add a rotating secretary position as well to make sure someone is taking notes.
  • Election at beginning of January (nominate, announce, and set up before hand so everyone knows voting happens when we get back) and a second election at the start of Fall semester to sync up with the academic calendar since many board members are going to students or post-docs.

Mission statement

Group edit a document


Justin would like to line up 4-8 instructors for weekly carpentry, wants this pattern to experiment with maximizing the opportunities for people to teach. Recommended he email the instructor list. (Would benefit from active instructor list.)

Action Items

  1. Reserve rooms for workshops we know are fixed w/ UFII
  2. Email Maneesha to try to schedule instructor training
  3. Set up mission statement doc to group edit, email to board
  4. (Carry over) Make list of active instructors

Next Agenda

  1. Review mission statement draft
  2. Set nomination & election schedule