Social Media Policies

You can follow UF Carpentries Club on a number of social media websites. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback you want to share with us about our posted content on any of these platforms, please contact us by email or open an issue on Github.

Mailing List

Who runs this?

Members of the UF Carpentries Club board serve as administrators on these social media websites. We use TweetDeck to share access to our Twitter account. Currently, Hao and Gaurav have access to our Twitter account.

How do we run it?

Content shared on our social media websites should follow the guidelines and code of conduct below. These are based on the policies of R-Ladies Social Media Guide.

Do promote

  1. Announcements and events organized by the Club.
  2. Educational materials that might be useful to Carpentry students or trainers.
  3. Local events that might be of interest to Carpentry students or trainers.
  4. Humourous content related to Carpentry courses.

Don’t promote

  1. Specific political organizations or positions, unless they have been specifically endorsed by the UF Carpentries Club board.
  2. Commercial products or services.
  3. Disparagement of people’s work (say “X is awesome!” rather than “X is better than Y”).
  4. Yourself (it’s “we”, not “I”!).

Content guidelines

  • Tag @TheCarpentries or @DataCarpentry when relevant.
  • Photos, images, animated gifs and emoji are encouraged.
  • Posts are expected to be casual, not formal. Formal posts should be written as a blog post on this website and posted to our social media platforms.
  • All posts on our social media platforms must be in line with our Code of Conduct.