Our main activity is teaching Software and Data Carpentry workshops.

The cost for these 2-day workshops is $46 (as of 2019), of which about $30 goes towards food and drink (lunch and breaks). The rest is used for organizational logistics and the occasional travel award. Our instructors, workshop members, and board all serve on a volunteer basis.

Most workshops use lesson materials from the Carpentries. These are designed to provide novice users with a foundation to continue learning on their own, with their peers, or more formally in coursework. As part of the UF community, we also strive to connect our learners with other opportunites for learning programming and data analysis on campus.

We typically teach one to three workshops per semester and registration is usuallly announced on the UFII mailing list and the UF graduate student mailing list. You can also monitor our site here or join our list serve

Continuing with our efforts to expand computational training to the UF community outside of Gainesville, we now have a program in place to offer workshops at UF Research & Education Centers (with generous support from UF IFAS). Read more here!

Typical Lessons


The UF Informatics Institute and Biodiversity Institute share a multi-function space on the main floor of the CISE building facing the Marston Science Library and Century Tower. They generously allow us to use their classroom and meeting facilities as well as provide the staff for catering and logistical support.