Instructor Training

April 2019 Carpentries Instructor Training

The University of Florida Carpentries Club is pleased to host instructor training to certify new Carpentries Instructors.

dates: Monday and Tuesday, April 8th and 9th, 2019

time: 900am - 500pm

location: the UF Informatics Institute classroom

who: anyone is welcome to apply (see below) and attendees will be selected based on our rubric (see below)

cost: A fee of $46.00 will be charged and lunch will be provided both days.

More details, including schedule, pre-, and post-training surveys can be found on the workshop website:

Instructor Training Website

How to Apply

To apply for the instructor training workshop, please fill out the form here:

Use the code "florida-april2019" in the “Group name” box to specify the UF workshop.

When filling out the form, in the “Anything else?” text box at the bottom of the application, applicants should also describe how they plan to use the tools/skills gained from the workshop. Applications will be evaluated with the following rubric:

Instructor Training Application Rubric

Three Carpentries Club board members will serve as judges. Judges will independently assign a score to each application and will meet to compare scores.

The questions from the Carpentries application will be scored as follows:

  • Is the person on the waitlist? Yes +2 points

  • Affiliation (maximum 3 points): To promote involvement of underrepresented departments, we will give more points to underrepresented departments.
    • Frequently represented department: 1 point
    • Moderately represented department: 2 points
    • Underrepresented department: 3 points
  • I have been an active contributor to other volunteer or non-profit groups with significant teaching or training components. (maximum 1 point)
    • If the applicant has been an active contributor in any group related to teaching: 1 point
  • In which of the following ways have you been involved with The Carpentries (max. 3 points): Lists ways that they have been involved with Carpentries (helper, learner, instructor, etc).
    • Previous involvement in a workshop as a learner: 1 point
    • Previous involvement in a workshop in some teaching role (instructor, helper, workshop organizer, curriculum development, workshop host): 2 points
  • Description of your previous training in teaching (max. 2 points): At the discretion of the judges
    • No experience in teaching: 0 points
    • Moderate experience in teaching: 1 point
    • Considerable experience in teaching: 2 points
  • How often would you expect to teach Carpentry Workshops after this training? (max. 3 points):
    • Not at all: 0 points
    • Once a year: 2 points
    • Several times a year: 3 points
    • Other: Depends on what is input; points at the discretion of judges, if high value, at least 2 points should be assigned
  • Why do you want to attend this training? (max. 3 points):
    • If applicant seems marginally interested, only wants to attend to improve CV: 0 points
    • If applicant seems interested, but doesn’t know why they are taking the training: 1 point
    • If applicant seems moderately motivated: 2 points
    • If applicant seems highly motivated, enthusiastic: 3 points
  • How do you expect to use the tools/skills learned in this training? (max. 3 points)
    • If applicant does not have a clear idea of how they will use these skills/tools: 0 points
    • If an applicant has a vague idea of how they will use these skills/tools: 1 point
    • If an applicant has a moderate plan for how they will use these skills/tools: 2 points
    • If an applicant has a clear plan for how they will use these skills/tools: 3 points