Instructor Training

March 2020 Carpentries Instructor Training

The University of Florida Carpentries Club is pleased to host instructor training to certify new Carpentries Instructors.

Dates: Monday and Tuesday, March 9 and 10, 2020

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location: The UF Informatics Institute classroom.

Who: Anyone is welcome to apply (see below) and attendees will be selected based on an evaluation rubric (see below).

Cost: The training workshop costs $46.00, which includes lunch on both days.

More details, including schedule, pre-, and post-training surveys can be found on the workshop website:

Instructor Training Website

How to Apply

To apply for the instructor training workshop, please fill out the form at For “Application Type”, choose “Pre-approved Registration” and use “2020-03-09-UFII_InstructorTraining” for the registration code.

In the “Anything else?” text box at the bottom of the application, please describe how you plan to use the tools/skills gained from the workshop.

Application Evaluation

Three Carpentries Club board members will serve as judges. Judges will independently assign a score to each application without seeing any of the applicants’ names. Judges will then meet to compare scores.

The questions from the Carpentries application will be scored as follows:

  • Is the person on the waitlist? Yes +2 points

  • Affiliation (maximum 3 points): To promote involvement of underrepresented departments, we will give more points to underrepresented departments.
    • Frequently represented department: 1 point
    • Moderately represented department: 2 points
    • Underrepresented department: 3 points
  • I have been an active contributor to other volunteer or non-profit groups with significant teaching or training components. (maximum 1 point)
    • If the applicant has been an active contributor in any group related to teaching: 1 point
  • In which of the following ways have you been involved with The Carpentries (max. 3 points): Lists ways that they have been involved with Carpentries (helper, learner, instructor, etc).
    • Previous involvement in a workshop as a learner: 1 point
    • Previous involvement in a workshop in some teaching role (instructor, helper, workshop organizer, curriculum development, workshop host): 2 points
  • Description of your previous training in teaching (max. 2 points): At the discretion of the judges
    • No experience in teaching: 0 points
    • Moderate experience in teaching: 1 point
    • Considerable experience in teaching: 2 points
  • How often would you expect to teach Carpentry Workshops after this training? (max. 3 points):
    • Not at all: 0 points
    • Once a year: 2 points
    • Several times a year: 3 points
    • Other: Depends on what is input; points at the discretion of judges, if high value, at least 2 points should be assigned
  • Why do you want to attend this training? (max. 3 points):
    • If applicant seems marginally interested, only wants to attend to improve CV: 0 points
    • If applicant seems interested, but doesn’t know why they are taking the training: 1 point
    • If applicant seems moderately motivated: 2 points
    • If applicant seems highly motivated, enthusiastic: 3 points
  • How do you expect to use the tools/skills learned in this training? (max. 3 points)
    • If applicant does not have a clear idea of how they will use these skills/tools: 0 points
    • If an applicant has a vague idea of how they will use these skills/tools: 1 point
    • If an applicant has a moderate plan for how they will use these skills/tools: 2 points
    • If an applicant has a clear plan for how they will use these skills/tools: 3 points