2018-03-04 Matthew & Alethea Finance Meeting


  • Matthew Collins
  • Alethea Geiger


Travel awards

  • Alethea has a draft letter for travel awardees that she’s used for the R meeetup awards - provides awardees with documentation on their limit and also is something they can show to their processors to prove it’s ok to ask the UFII for funds
  • Once we tell her who gets what, they incur expenses and then tell their processor to contact UFII for a chartfield to charge
  • No restrictions on types of expenses we can cover (except alcohol)
  • Award and expenses don’t have to be exact: a pcard amount can be more than the award if there are other funds to cover it, otherwise put it on a personal card and ask for partial reimbursement, Alethea has added a few dollars over the award amount before if expenses have been close - cap can be flexable
  • TA (and expenses) can be done through home department or they can be done through UFII - UFII is probably a good default unless someone’s department wants it
  • If there is grad school funding it has to go through them
  • $1500 from UFII as a contribution towards these awards from George, already earmarked
  • $2600 balance in our account already (mjc edit - report shows less)


  • We have a “143” type account - cash basis, no restrictions - actually have two, one carried over and needs to be merged
  • Staff with Enterprise Reporting can see it, MJC does not have this role, won’t pursue since other treasurers may not be staff
  • Alethea has a report that she sends - good for us since her and Flora actually bill most of the things against this account, not us
  • Set up an accounting system on our side as well?
  • Ask WEC about how we are/are not retaining funds in this account
  • 14% “tax” taken out by UF based on the amount we spend from the account, Alethea tries to set this aside in her report for budgeting

Carpentry membership

  • Heather Bradly (WEC) did a PO and asked for chartfields to cover their portions of the membership
  • Ask her why WEC originates the PO, Alethea would be happy to do it in the future

Plant Pathology aka Dev workshop

  • Can transfer funds from our account to a compatible account for the student group or could transfer from another UFII account and shuffle if the account types are not compatible
  • Can take funds from exteranl people w/ our account (sponsors, donations) but it may be better to set up a foundation account to accept these if possible due to them having less restrictions (alcohol!) and lower fees
  • But, Alethea says we need to make sure we’re getting value from our participation and if we’re going to cut deals w/ revenue sharing we need to go to our supporters (George, Pam, Ethan, etc) to make sure it’s ok since we’re giving away some of the value they added to UF.


  • Target budget for catering is $300/day
  • We can take registration funds and pay workshop expenses as long as they’re UF - eg Simona and FLREC are fine