2023-01-24 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: January 24, 2023 11:00 AM (EST)
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approval of December 9 Board Meeting minutes
    3. Review R for Reproducible Science workshop prep
    4. Git workshop planning
    5. Finalize Spring workshop schedule, type (remote vs hybrid), and organizers
    6. Update on IFAS Report
    7. Sponsorship emails
    8. Budget update and review
    9. Any other business
  • Participants:
    • Cory Brunson, Caitlin Campbell, Dellena Bloom, Audrey Culver, Ke Zhang, Ali Alruzuq, Natya Hans
    • Meeting Chair: Ke
    • Meeting Secretary: Dellena


Dec. 9th, 2022 minutes

  • Ensuring everyone has access to Git, social media, and Google Drive accounts
  • Ke is incharge of social media accounts
  • We need to get access to social media accounts and ensure Ke is able to login
  • Approved minutes

R for Respoducible Science Workshop prep

  • Sponsors get first dibs for seats in the workshops
  • On carpentries workshop page, put registration link - Natya
  • Workshop starting at 9:30am and have troubleshooting period start at 9:00am - Natya
  • Decide topics that can be discarded from lesson - Dellena and Natya
  • Held in informatics institute

Git workshop planning

  • Cory will start getting materials together for this
  • Towards the end of February or begining of March - Friday March 3rd
  • One day workshop

Genomics workshop

  • Ida co-organizing
  • Either held on March 23-24 or 30-31

Python workshop

  • 2 weeks after genomics workshop

IFAS update – will check back in with Audrey on the next meeting

  • Report to IFAS about schedule and progress - Cory
  • Put together a report of same style of last reports summarizing workshop attendance - Cory
  • Do this once a year

Sponsorship emails

  • Template email for year and email it to existing sponsors, departments who have sponsored us in the past, and potential sponsors
  • Sponsor departments are found in Google Drive sheets
  • Divide who will email who and a point or coordination person - Audrey
  • For new form, Plato is with HSCL now, so we might want to update the library west contact

Budget update and review

  • Audrey will talk to Ike about the budget
  • Should we be spending money on workshops not shown in budget or was this covered by registration costs
  • Instructor training for 2 members - Ke, Dellena, Audrey, and Ali are interested
  • Allocate training slots through application process

Any other business

  • NA

Notes for next meeting

  • Approval of January 24th, 2023 minutes
  • Review what worked and what did not work for R for Reproducible Science workshop
  • Check-in about Git workshop planning status
  • Discuss next steps for 2 other future workshops in Spring 2023 semester
  • Check-in about IFAS update
  • Check-in about sponsorship emails
  • Check-in about budget update and review
  • Allocating funds for instructor training - how many trainings to reward