2022-11-15 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: 2022 November 15, 13:00 ET

  • Agenda
  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of November 01 Board Meeting minutes
  3. Elections update
  4. Libraries Workshop update
  5. Intro to R Workshop planning
  6. IFAS report update
  7. Sponsorship emails
  8. Budget update & review
  9. Other business
  • Participants:
    • Audrey Smith, Flora Marynak, Cory Brunson, Philip Chase, Caitlin Campbell, Dellena Bloom, Natya Hans, Ke Zhang, Plato Smith
    • Meeting Chair: Audrey
    • Meeting Secretary: Cory



Introductions were made!

Approval of November 01 Board Meeting minutes

Minutes were approved with no changes.

Elections update

We had fewer nominees than offices, so we opted to leave self-nominations open on a rolling basis. We will reassess in Spring.

Elections will be held November 14–20. Emails were sent yesterday and today. Cory will send a reminder email Friday morning.

Libraries Workshop update

Cory provided updates, having met with instructors earlier today. The instructors are prepared, and the website will be updated with links within the week.

Intro to R Workshop planning

Dellena and Natya will organize. Cory will help coordinate dates.

IFAS report update

No update (Cory).

Sponsorship emails

The board will revisit this item when the new board is elected.

Budget update & review

Audrey will ask Ike what donations have been received for FY22.

Audrey will create FY22 and FY23 spreadsheets based on previous sheets in the Google Drive.

Other business

The new board will plan a hackathon party at the next meeting.

Next meeting

  • 2022 November 29, 13:00 ET
  • Chair: Caitlin
  • Secretary: Audrey (tentative)