2022-11-01 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: 2022 November 1, 13:00 ET

  • Agenda
  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of October 18 Board Meeting minutes
  3. Board nominations & elections update
  4. Libraries workshop update
  5. Intro to R workshop organization delegation
  6. IFAS report update
  7. Sponsorship emails
  8. Other business
  • Participants:
    • Audrey Smith, Cory Brunson, Ali Alruzuq, Plato Smith, Ke Zhang
    • Meeting Chair: Audrey
    • Meeting Secretary: Cory



All participants were acquainted so introductions were skipped.

Approval of October 18 Board Meeting minutes

Some minor adjustments were discussed

  • what decision was made on how to handle lunches at the next in-person meeting

Board nominations & elections update

  • Audrey will send one email:
    • election instructions
    • an update on rolling nominations

Libraries workshop update

  • confirmed for December 1–2
  • 2 instructors confirmed, 1 more being sought
  • need to solicit helpers (delegated to Amanda)

Intro to R workshop organization delegation

  • tentatively will be co-organized by Cory and/or Natya and an incoming board member
    • plan to coordinate by email or at next board meeting, after elections have concluded

IFAS report update

  • Cory will email Geraldine again about meeting
    • IFAS benefits from having workshop registration & attendance numbers

Sponsorship emails

  • need to begin delegating sponsorship emails to be sent in January
  • new associate dean Emily McElroy needs to be included in sponsorship requests to the Health Libraries
  • Audrey will share templates and spreadsheets with incoming board members after the election

Other business

Plato asked about our membership fees

  • we changed from gold to lower tier to pay only for instructor training slots that meet member interest

Next meeting

  • 2022 November 15, 13:00 ET
  • Chair: Audrey
  • Secretary: Cory