2022-10-18 Board Meeting

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Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: October 18th 2022 1:00 PM (EST)

  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approval of October 4 Board Meeting minutes
    3. Board nominations & elections update
    4. Genomics workshop recap & reflections
    5. Intro to R workshop delegation
    6. Food budgets for in-person workshops
    7. Other business
  • Participants:
    • Cory Brunson, Dellena Bloom, Audrey Smith, Hoda Akl, Plato Smith, Ali Alruzuq, Flora Marynak
    • Meeting Chair: Cory
    • Meeting Secretary: Audrey


Approval of October 4 Board Meeting minutes

  • Minutes were approved by all present who attended 10/04/22 meeting

Board Nominations/Elections Update

  • 6 self-nominations to date, including 3 current board members (Cory, Caitlin, & Audrey)
  • Begin election process for self-nominations (Audrey- send out email, etc.)
  • Self nominations are closed, but we will keep them open on a rolling basis
    • Update webpage to reflect above (Audrey)
    • Send out email to listserv to announce above (Audrey)

Genomics Workshop Recap & Reflections

  • Aida & Cory were main organizers and instructors for this workshop
  • Reflections:Need to Know who backup instructor is before workshop in case someone calls out sick or otherwise
    • Cory: there was substantial interest in Genomics workshop. Do we want to have 2 Genomic workshops per year (Fall & Spring)
  • In-person workshop fees: need to budget more for food; explore options for fee structure
    • Flora: When set-up registration with DOCE, can set up the options; then determine who didn’t pay for lunch, use -Flat base workshop fee tiered by role at UF; lunch fee not teired -Utilize nametags with lunch/no lunch marker
    • Hoda: Thought the $10 fee for workshop with 2 days & 2 lunches was a good deal -*Maybe combine 2 of the ideas: have a flat fee (tiered) & option for lunch added fee (not tiered)
    • Dellena: Tiered flat fee based on role at UF
    • Cory: there was substantial interest in Genomics workshop. Do we want to have 2 Genomic workshops per year (Fall & Spring) -Need based question at the end of registration form -Bring your own lunch, but pay nominal fee. All participants can opt in or out of lunch. ($20 vs $5) -Automatically tier by student, faculty, community member -Flat increase in registration cost - Flora/Plato: Satellite UF community (reserach centers- e.g., IFAS/TREC) - Decision: Flat fee for workshop to cover general refreshments; opt-in or out for lunch with fee based on UF role

Libraries Workshop Update

  • Amanda is the point person for this agenda item
    • Centrally-organized workshop, Amanda is coordinating with Danielle Green who will recruit instructors, etc.
    • Workshop dates: Dec 1-2, from 9:00am-5:00pm EST
    • Audrey will check in with Amanda about Libraries workshop

Intro to R Workshop Organization Delegation

  • Intro to R for Reproducible Scientic Analysis- Early Spring Semester
    • Need organizers: Audrey- reluctant to be main organizer but would co-organize; Dellena & Cory could also co-organize
    • Cory: Best to have previous board member with organizing experience as main workshop organizer
    • Last meeting (10/04), Natya volunteered to potentially organize this workshop
    • Audrey will include Intro to R workshop organization in email to board with minutes, etc.

Any Other Business

  • Sponsorhsip- start thinking about getting those emails out
    • Wait until Cory has met with Geraldine about reports

Notes for Next Meeting

  • The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 1:00-2:00pm EST.
  • Audrey will serve as Chair; Cory will serve as Secretary.
  • Audrey will send Outlook calendar invite.