2022-08-22 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: August 22, 2022 11:00 AM (EST)
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approval of July 11 Board Meeting minutes
    3. Fall 2022 Meet-and-Greet event update
    4. Finalize genomics workshop details
    5. Update on IFAS Report
  • Participants:
    • Cory Brunson, Caitlin Campbell, Aida Miro-Herrans, Amanda Markee, Audrey Smith
    • Meeting Chair: Cory
    • Meeting Secretary: Audrey

*Minutes from July 11th meeting approved.


Meet-and-Greet Event Update

  • Scheduled for Friday, Sept. 2nd, 11:30am-1:00pm.
  • Dellena is main organizer with help of Flora & Audrey.
  • Registratiojn link is up & running; registration closes Aug. 31 to include lunch, Sept. 1 without lunch.
  • Email invitation has been created; Audrey will check with Dellena about emailing Carpentries Club sponsoring departments.
  • Audrey created flyer adverstisement; Amanda will create QR code for registration and add to flyer.
  • Aida- good idea to post flyers by Health Sciences Library- Audrey with do this with help of Cory/Aida if needed.
  • All board members to send event announcement/invite email to respective departments and other potentially

Genomics Workshop Update

  • Dates finalized for Oct. 10-11. Format will be in-person.
  • Aida & Cory are main organizers. Aida will teach; at least one additional instructor desired.
  • Cap enrollment at 20. Charge of $10 per person to cover food & beverages ($5/day); $2 fee covered by Carpentries funds.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWL) will be used instead of HyperGator. Plan to use HyperGator in the future.
  • Students can request access via libraries (allow 2 weeks time prior to scheduled Carpentries workshops).
  • Cory will check with Flora that workshop participants from 2021-22 (and earlier) are added to email listserv first, then then draft email to recruit workshop instructors & helpers.

IFAS Report Update

  • Audrey will check on status of reports that were in progress over the last several months and report back.
  • IFAS has traditionally been one of the main sponsors of the Carpentries, and the Club provided them with a data report (i.e., how money supported the club- # of workshops & participants per AY).
  • Cory- will follow up with Hao Yue regarding automated stats updates (i.e., post-workshop states added to GitHub).
  • Amanda- DC organization provides stats (and survey results) after workshops (only for centrally-organized workshops?)- will ask Danielle.


  • Will be advertised/announced at Meet-and-Greet event.
  • Open nomination process/create Google form prior to meet-and-greet event.
  • Cory will follow up with Flora, i.e., adding workshop partipants to informatics listserv; then send email announcement regarding 2022-23 Board Member elections.
  • Need to update webpage & create/update Google form for Nominations.
  • Nomination process open for 1-2 weeks; voting 1 week; determine new board members by end of Sept.

Any Other Business

Governance documents (in gov-edit-pitch branch)

  • Changes approved & website updated (thanks, Cory!)
  • https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/website/compare/master…gov-edit-pitch

Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Ecologists Workshop Planning Update

  • Caityn & Dellena serving as workshop co-organizers.
  • Tentative dates for Sept. 19-20, or 19-21, depending on length/number of lessons included.
  • Held remotely; 100% virtual workshop via Zoom.
  • What is the enrollment cap?

Libraries Workshop Planning Update

  • Will be centrally-organized
  • Tentatively held in early November
  • Amanda will contact Danielle from Data Carpentries Org about available date

Student Travel Grants

  • Audrey will ask Flora about availability of funds.
  • Follow up via email and talk about at next meeting. prior to next board meeting.

Notes for Next Meeting

  • The board meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 6th, 11:00am EST. (No classes on Monday, Sept. 5th.)
  • Caitlyn will serve as Chair; Audrey as Secretary.