2022-06-13 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: June 13, 2022 11:00 AM (EST)
  • Agenda
    1. Possible Fall and Spring Workshops
    2. Annually Recurring Workshops
    3. Sponsor Updates
    4. Fall Meet and Greet Social
    5. Review Governance Documents
    6. Approving Minutes from March 28th
    7. Debrief of Intro to Python Workshops & Workshop Venues
    8. Update on IFAS Report
    9. Discussion of Soliciting Workshop Interest
    10. Any other business
  • Participants:
    • Amanda Markee, Caitlin Campbell, Cory Brunson
    • Meeting Chair: Cory
    • Meeting Secretary: Amanda


Possible Fall Workshops

Libraries Carpentries - Fall 2022 (centrally organized) Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Ecologists - Fall 2022 (in house)

Possible Spring Workshops

Intro to R - Spring 2023 (in house) Geospatial - Spring 2023 (centrally organized + in house) Genomics - Spring 2023 (centrally organized)

Annually Recurring Workshops

Doing an R based workshop twice a year (Intro to R, or R for Ecologists)

  • Plato suggested that we should offer Library carpentries twice a year, and the best availability would likely be after spring break.
  • Caitlin suggested avoiding late November, early December for the Library carpentries workshop to ensure the best attendance. We should keep two workshops per semester, one that is run in house and one that is run by the Centrally Organized Carpentries organization.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Ecologists happens first (tentative date: Sep. 19-24)
  • Centrally organized Libraries Carpentries workshop we can set officially, but for now we can aim for the first week of November (sometime between Nov. 1-11).
  • Intro to Python could be a third workshop option in Fall 2022 if people want a third workshop

We don’t have any sponsor updates as of right now. Flora and Aletha are handling facilitating any incoming sponsor funds.

Fall Meet and Greet Social

We should schedule the Fall meet and greet social when more board members are present.

  • It would be good to do during the semester, not pre-semester.
  • Corry suggested limiting presentations to a minimum, then leaving the rest for mingling.
  • We should look into structured mingling/breakout groups. Revisit planning the social at the next board meeting in July.
  • We should designate one to two members to plan where and when, and start advertising for this event.

Review Governance Documents

We should review the governance documents, Cory will review these documents with specific revisions moving forward.

  • Can we link to agendas and minutes in the opening paragraph header to “Meeting Agendas and Minutes”

Approving Minutes from March 28th

Board unanimously approved minutes from March 28th.

Debrief of Intro to Python Workshops & Workshop Venues

The centrally organized workshop feedback can be found in the post-workshop survey. Moving forward for workshop venues, we can try and opt for in person or hybrid workshops. If in-person, we should see if we can mandate mask wearing as a club. If we can require masks and move eating and brakes outside, we should try to opt for hybrid or in person. Get the opinion of other board members.

Update on IFAS Report

Audrey or Trista will update us on the status of IFAS report at later board meeting

Discussion of Soliciting Workshop Interest

During the Fall social, we could hold a town hall to discuss what workshops folks are interested in seeing the Carpentries hold.

  • We could have a poster template for upcoming workshops and events in Canva
  • Amanda will look into this at the next board meeting.

Any other business

No other business items were raised.

Notes for next meeting

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled in four weeks from now, date TBD by Cory