2022-03-28 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting Minutes

Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: March 28, 2022 11:00 AM (EST)
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approve meeting minutes from March 14th board meeting
    3. Update on UF Carpentries’ logo
    4. Update on membership tier
    5. Update on sponsors
    6. Update on upcoming workshops- websites, instructors, helpers
    7. Update on report for IFAS
    8. Discussion of soliciting interest for workshops
    9. Continue discussion of set dates for Fall 2022 workshops
    10. Any other business
  • Participants:
    • Audrey Smith, Caitlin Campbell, Cory Brunson, Amanda Markee, Dellena Bloom, Trista Brophy, Amobi Amanambu
    • Meeting Chair: Audrey
    • Meeting Secretary: Cory



All attendees were acquainted and introductions were skipped.

Approve meeting minutes from March 14th board meeting

March 14 minutes were unanimously approved.

Audrey reached out to the contact person at the Carpentries and is waiting to hear back.

Update on membership tier

The Board discussed the available membership tiers. All agreed to obtain a Bronze membership. Trista confirmed that this is what we had agreed previously.

  • Audrey will ask Alethea, cc’ing Flora, to set up our membership for the coming year.

Update on sponsors

No new sponsors have pledged since the last meeting. Audrey and Cory contacted their recently assigned units and have not yet heard back. Amanda has not heard back from other organizations she contacted.

Update on upcoming workshops- websites, instructors, helpers

Danielle Sieh (The Carpentries) has secured instructors for Software Carpentry (April 11–12), who will also prepare the website. The instructors will determine the content and divide up the curriculum. UF Carpentries must recruit helpers.

Amanda suggests creating a Google Sheet, as with previous workshops, to recruit helpers.

Once the website is up, the Board agreed to ask the instructors to include the registration link.

The Board agreed to send workshop invitations ASAP, linking to the Carpentries lesson if the website is not yet up.

Caitlin prompted a discussion of when to hold the next Board Meeting, the usual time for which would conflict with the workshop.

  • Amanda will send sponsor invitations and ask Flora to send out general invitations.
  • Audrey will create a workshop event on the website.
  • Amanda will tentatively schedule the next board meeting for Friday, April 15, at 4:00pm.

Update on report for IFAS

  • Audrey will complete preparation of a report on UF Carpentries activities for IFAS.

Discussion of soliciting interest for workshops

Audrey and Caitlin urged that emails to sponsor departments should be requested to be sent out to grad students. Trista invited other interested board members to join the Facebook group in order to also be able to post upcoming events.

  • Trista will advertise workshops on social media (Twitter & Facebook).

Continue discussion of set dates for Fall 2022 workshops

  • Cory will send an email to the informatics teaching list asking for feedback on a proposed regular schedule.

Discussion on documenting Chair & Secretary responsibilities on website or in charter

Caitlin raised the question of whether to consider the document by-laws (more formal) or a how-to (less formal). Trista pointed out that the Governance page contains much of this sort of information and suggested that this information could be added there.

  • Cory will draft guidance for chair, secretary, and annual workshops.
  • The Board will review the Governance documents and decide at a future meeting how to incorporate new “how-to” documentation.

Any other business

No other business items were raised.

Notes for next meeting

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 15 at 4:00pm. Amanda will chair and Amobi will take notes.