2022-02-14 Board Meeting

2022-02-14 Board Meeting

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Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: February 14, 2022 11:00 AM (EST)
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approve minutes from 2022 January 24 meeting
    3. Update on FY 2022 budget
    4. Updates on sponsor emails
    5. Update on Part 2 “Intro to R” workshop
    6. Update on Carpentries workshop requests for Spring 2022
    7. Post upcoming events & meetings on website
    8. Post-workshop review notes
    9. Gauge interest in future workshop topics (for Fall 2022)
    10. Other business
  • Participants:
    • Cory Brunson, Amanda Markee, Caitlin Campbell, Audrey Smith, Amobichukwu Amanambu
  • Meeting Chair: Audrey
  • Meeting Secretary: Amanda



  • Five current board members attending, so introductions were skipped.

Approve meeting minutes

  • Approved minutes from January 24th meeting.

Update on FY22 budget

  • Amanda and Audrey emailed Flora to receive the DeptID for future FY22 sponsor funds, this information is in the UF Data Carpentries Google Drive
  • Cory will reach out to Trista to see if there is any unresolved questions about FY22 regarding our membership tier

Sponsorship emails & contact

  • Order of Operations: Receive sponsorship, send the sponsor our DeptID, Contact Alethea to initiate funds transfer
    • Note: Once we hear back from a sponsor, we will note the date we contacted the department and sponsorship result
    • Note: Audrey will check with Flora if Alethea is still our fiscal department contact for the UF Carpentries Club
  • Amobi sent an email to Flora regarding UFII sponsorship, and will email the contact for Library West for FY22 sponsorship.
  • Audrey sent an email to Ag and Biological Engineering and will update the potential spreadsheet with their response
  • Amanda sent an email to FLMNH, UFGI, and EPI and has updated the potential sponsors spreadsheet with their response

Update on “Intro to R” workshop

  • First workshop was 2/3 of the R for Reproducible Analysis workshop, last 1/3 of content will be covered in the second workshop
  • Flora emailed us a registration website we can send out to the informatics teaching listserv once the workshop website is completed
  • Day 1 of the workshop will be review of our workshop earlier this month, then Day 2 introduces dplyr and data manipulation
  • We can use extra time for answering specific questions brought by students
  • There are two different on campus groups that also do R workshops we could potentially collaborate in the future
    • UF Data Sciences and Informatics (http://www.dsiufl.org/)
    • R Gators (http://www.r-gators.com/meetups/)

Update on Carpentries workshop requests for Spring 2022

  • Amanda got an email back from our Centrally Organized Carpentries contact (Danielle) booking our Libraries workshop and Intro to Python workshop
  • Software Carpentry (Shell, Git, Plotting and Programming in Python) on April 11-12
  • Library Carpentry workshop on April 18-19
  • Amanda is going to reply to Danielle and confirm workshop times (9am-5pm), Flora will make our registration website (not an Eventbrite), and attach the workshop websites with lesson plans
    • Ask Danielle if we are expected to make our own workshop website

Post upcoming events & meetings on website

  • We will keep the upcoming board meetings on the website, and post as an event (Zoom link to be added)
  • Secretary for the previous meeting will post the event to the website

Post-workshop review notes

  • Active learning and participation increased when instructors promoted specific reactions
    • Ex. Type + or - to indicate if ready to move on, asking to share code, etc.
  • Providing more time in advance for sign up will likely yield more attendance

Gauge interest in future workshop topics (for Fall 2022)

  • Want to find a better way to reach out to the community to see what kind of workshops folks want us to hold
  • We can send out an email to the informatics email listserv, or sponsors, to gauge interest for topics of upcoming workshops
  • We can also gauge interest after workshops from current participants

Key takeaways from today

  • Our next workshop will be February 21 - February 22, and the website and registration will be sent out this week to sponsors and participants
  • Amanda will continue to coordinate with our Centrally Organized Carpentries contact Danielle to plan the next two workshops (Library and Software Carpentries)
  • We will start to post upcoming board meetings on the website, accompanied by the GitHub Issue with Agenda, and the Zoom link
  • To gauge interest in future workshops, we can utilize graduate student listservs, and take feedback from previous workshop participants

Notes for next meeting:

  • Narayani next chair, Amanda will take minutes
  • Next meeting is February 28th, 2022 at 11am