2021-12-08 Board Meeting

2020-12-01 Board Meeting

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Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: Dec 08, 2021 12:00 PM (ET)
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approve minutes from 11/10/21 board meeting
    3. Follow-up on FY22 sponsorship & budget
    4. Sponsorship emails & contact
    5. Spring workshops schedule
    6. Instructor training seats
    7. Any other business
  • Participants:
    • Trista, Audrey, Caitlin, Amobi, Cory, Vijay, Amanda, Narayani
  • Meeting Chair: Audrey
  • Meeting Secretary: Trista


Approve meeting minutes

  • Approve minutes from November 10th Board Meeting
    • Approved by board majority; Cory abstained.

Follow-Up onFY22 sponsorship and budget

  • We will target $10,000 annual budget
  • Audrey will contact Alethea about Museum sponsorship

Sponsorship emails & contact

  • Cory will make edits to the letters based on our discussion and will will review and approve at the next meeting with the intention to send in mid-January
  • Everyone review the previous and potential sponsors list and think about who you want to reach out to by the January meeting

Spring 2022 workshop schedule

  • Intro to R
    • January 24th-28th
    • 2 days
    • https://datacarpentry.org/R-ecology-lesson/01-intro-to-r.html
  • Intro to Data Science
    • February 14th-18th
    • 2 days
    • https://carpentries-incubator.github.io/open-science-with-r/
    • https://swcarpentry.github.io/r-novice-inflammation/
  • Intro to Python
    • 1st week of March
    • Coordinated (https://carpentries.org/workshop_faq/#centrally-organised-workshops)
  • Genomics
    • March/April
    • Coordinated (https://carpentries.org/workshop_faq/#centrally-organised-workshops)
  • Library
    • March/April
    • Coordinated (https://carpentries.org/workshop_faq/#centrally-organised-workshops)

Contact the Carpentries

  • Amanda will get the ball rolling to introduce new members to the carpentries group: membership@carpentries.org
  • Amanda will submit a Request a Carpentries Workshop form for the Python, Genomics, & Library workshops https://amy.carpentries.org/forms/request_workshop/

Positions for next meeting:

  • Next meeting: Tentatively Week of January 10th-14th (Trista will send a poll on January 3rd to get dates)
  • Meeting Chair: Cory
  • Meeting Secretary: Caitlin