2021-09-15 Board Meeting

UF Carpentries Meeting Minutes

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  • Location: Remote
  • Date: September 15, 2021 4:00 PM (ET)
  • Agenda

    1. Introductions
    2. Approve minutes from 9/01/21 board meeting
    3. Discuss Election: self-nomination deadline, voting, webpage
    4. Organize for Intro to R upcoming workshop Sept. 27-28: registration, solicit helpers & instructors
    5. UF member attendance @ Carpentries Member Council Meeting September 22nd at 11am and 7pm EST
    6. T-shirts
    7. Instructor training deadline
    8. Update on Genomics workshop
  • Participants:
    • Max, Trista, Narayani, Vijay, Audrey, Amobi, Caitlin Campbell, Kylie Mendoza
  • Meeting Chair: Max
  • Meeting Secretary: Audrey




  • Board members and guests introduced themselves

Approve minutes from 9/01/21 board meeting

  • Approved by board majority

Discuss Elections: Self-nomination & Voting Deadlines; Webpage

  • Self-nomination deadline Thursday, Sept. 16
    • 2 nominations so far (Trista & Narayani)
    • Audrey, Amobi, & Caitlyn will self-nominate
    • Members will send reminder to listservs
    • Audrey will send reminder to Cory Brunson
  • Vijay will create/update elections webage for 2021 by Friday 9/17 afternoon
  • Voting will be open 09/17 - 09/24
    • Vijay will send out email announcing that election voting is open
  • Members who did not self-nominate will tally votes (Vijay & Max)
  • Max will send email to listserv announcing election results for 2021-22 board members
    • Max will create & include poll in email to determine new board meeting time for Oct. 2021- Sept. 2022

Introduction to R Workshop: Organization

  • September 27-8, 10:00am - 5:30pm ET- Held virtually via Zoom
  • Workshop will mimic schedule from Spring 2021 Intro to R workshop
  • Narayani will create registration by end of week (~9/17)
    • Workshop registration will open ASAP (~9/17); close on 9/24 (?)
    • Audrey will assist with registration management as needed
  • Vijay will create workshop repository webpage with lesson schedule
    • Amobi will assist Vijay as needed
  • Trista will email helpers & instructors from previous workshops to solicit volunteers
    • Trista will also send email to Carpentries listserv to solicit workshop volunteers
    • Narayani, Audrey, Amobi, & Caitlyn will help as instructors; Max as helper Tues. 9/28 afternoon
  • All board members will forward workshop registration announcement & solicitation for volunteers emails to respective dept. listservs
  • Narayani, Audrey, Trista- finalize volunteer instructors & helpers and schedule meeting prior to workshop start date (9/27)

Genomics Workshop Update

  • To be held in October or November, depending on instructor availability
  • Max has contacted XX- waiting on response

Carpentries Member Council Meeting September 22nd at 11am and 7pm EST

  • Trista & Audrey will attend

Instructor Training Deadline

  • Per email from Maneesha of national Data Carpentries (forwarded by Alethea):
    • UF has used 5/6 allowed instructor training seats
    • Membership ends & instructor training seats expire 2021-10-30
    • Audrey will email approved applicants to notify of deadline to complete training


  • Trista had the t-shirts in her office on campus; all can pick up his/her t-shirt there

Date/Time for next meeting:

  • Next meeting: TBD ffter board member elections finalized
    • Max will send email announcing new board members & include poll to schedule 2021-22 meeting time
  • Meeting Chair: Trista
  • Meeting Secretary: Audrey