2021-07-06 Board Meeting

UF Carpentries Meeting Minutes

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  • Location: Zoom
  • Date: July 06, 2021 10.00AM
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approve minutes from 06/22/21 board meeting
    3. Stategy for Future Workshops Structure (i.e., in-person only or hybrid)
    4. Fall Elections Discussion Con’t (i.e., adverstising schedule & positions)
    5. Instructor Training Registration (i.e., fall code rollover; registration instructions)
    6. Club Membership Discussion Con’t (i.e., membership type & sponsorships)
    7. Annual Reports Update
    8. Update Github Wiki page (?)
  • Participants:
    • Audrey Smith
    • Narayani Barve
    • Vijay Barve
    • Brian Stucky
    • Brandon Merriell
    • Cory Brunson
  • Meeting Chair: Audrey
  • Meeting Secretary: Narayani


  1. Minutes for 06/22/2021 are approved unanimously.
  2. Discussed on how the hybrid workshop would work.
    • Keep the limit on in person participation and rest can go on zoom / online
    • Whether the announcements for in person and hybrid should be differed.
    • Participants form remote locations would get priority to attend remotely, and local should attend in person.
    • If the in-person is full and remote participation is not reached, then allow local participatnts to attend remotely.
    • Can we keep the workshop free for all?
    • With existing funding we can have decent food options and not elaborate food options.
    • Remote workshop option priority should be given to REC if not full then open it up
    • May be 20 - 20 could be the capacity for the workshop, tentatively, but it can be decide during planning a specific workshop
  3. Start announcing the elections in August and do not announce the position, but give the responsibility in the first board meeting.
    • Aim for new board to be seated for September. So that Fall planning can be done better.
    • Start advertizing of the elections a week before the class starts.
    • Can have a small social gathering, to know the community who we are, what we do … We should reach out to our helpers and instructors, so that they get involved in the carpentries. Can be done in end of first week and second week of classes.
  4. Instructor Training Registration
    • Can we use the code in FALL ? We could roll over 4.
    • We had selected 7 people. 3 have already registered, so they must have completed the training. Now if the rest of the selected candidates cannot do the training in summer, we might have to send an email requesting them to roll over remaining 4.
  5. Our club membership renewal
    • We can stay with the same type of membership
    • Membership ends on August 1st, 2021.
  6. Position for next meeting.
    • Audrey - Chair
    • Vijay - Secretary.
    • Next meeting will be on 20th July, 2021