2020-11-17 Board Meeting

tags: UF Caprentries Meeting

Meeting Info

  • Location: Remote
  • Date: Nov 17, 2030 10:00 AM (ET)
  • Agenda
    1. Introductions
    2. Approve minutes from meeting on Oct. 20.
    3. Approve minutes from meeting on Nov 3rd
    4. Finalize sponsorship email.
    5. Workshop planning for early next semester.
    6. Cehmometrics course update
  • Participants:
    • Brandon, Brian, Trista, Max, Narayani, Vijay, Audrey
  • Meeting Chair: Narayani
  • Meeting Secretary: Trista


Approve meeting minutes

  • Approve minutes from October 20 Board Meeting
    • Approved by board majority
  • Approve minutes from November 3 Board Meeting
    • Approved by board majority

Finalize sponsorship email

  • Alethea would like to be cc’d on sponsor emails to follow up with anyone who pledges funds and get the funds deposited.
  • Brian is accepting all the changes/edits/comments everyone made and will finalize the letter by the end of the week.
  • Once finalized, we will send the letter before our next board meeting.
  • Max will inquire about vetmed and sub departments; Should reach out to Emergent Pathogens Institute;
  • Registration info for 2020 workshops is in Workshop info folder on Google Drive
  • Brandon will get data needed for emails
  • Board should look for email from Brandon and/or Brian finalizing letter and preparing for emails to be sent starting next Monday
  • We’ve primarily reached out to departments, not colleges, in the past.
  • Everyone should volunteer for the department(s) they can contact and put your name in the Potential Sponsors spreadsheet on the Google Drive.
  • Should look into the College of Medicine–> do they offer any trainings? Through who? Also look into UF Genetics Institute.
    • They have a concentration in Biomedical Informatics

Spring workshop planning

  • If we decide to hold in person workshops, Alethea can help reserve spaces in the Reitz or other locations that have set protocols for COVID compliance
  • Workshops open to undergrad and grad students
  • Spring 2021 semester starts January 11th; We should have a workshop the week of January 25th
    • Issue with holding weekend workshops has always been concerned with not enough participants
    • Usually try to 2 days at the beginning or end of the week (Mon & Tues or Thurs & Fri)
    • We’ve never done a split registration where people can register to attend only 1 of the days; We could end up with extra work in organizing and also it could make it more difficult during the second half if people aren’t prepared.
  • Types of Workshops to Offer
    • Online workshops for January
    • Intro Workshop in R using the Ecology Workshop Lessons
      • In past 2 years of workshops, we’ve dropped OpenRefine and Data Management w/ SQL because they weren’t skills people were using that much
      • Data Analysis & Visualization covers Tidyverse; We’ve commonly built in extra time to cover this lesson.
      • Data Organization in Spreadsheets is a valuable lesson but has seen mixed reviews in the past because some people may see it as too basic; It covers best practices and data wrangling.
      • 1/2 day for data management & spreadsheets
      • 1/2 day Intro to R & Tidyverse
      • 1/2 day for ggplot
      • 1/2 day for knitr or version control or git?
  • We should consider offering an Advanced R workshop later in the semester
    • Should have some prereqs
    • How much interest would we generate for a workshop like this if people are already advanced enough that they could teach themselves using online resources?
    • We should revisit this in a later meeting

Chemometrics course update

  • Tabled until December 4th meeting

Positions for next meeting:

  • Next meeting: December 1st, 2020 @ 10am
  • Meeting Chair: Narayani
  • Meeting Secretary: Trista