2020-09-01 Board Meeting


  • New semester meeting time?
  • Elections update
  • Intro to R workshop - September 28-29
  • Other items?
    • Chemometrics course (Brian update; with J. Bowden)



Carla, Elise, Alethea, Brian (last half), Eve (first half)

New semester meeting time?

  • Eve will send out lettucemeet poll


  • We’re going to send an announcement of elections this week (Brian will send out this announcement, per his email today)
  • Social: had it been decided? On Eve’s calendar, meet and greet (digital) on the 10th at noon (Alethea has had best attendance at virtual events set at noon)
    • Who is organizing the meet and greet? Eve set up zoom
    • When will it be announced? Announced with the self-nomination solicitation email
  • Email template for soliciting self nominations.
    • Do we want a board meeting linked with the social, immediately after the social? Decided against it because too much time on zoom
    • send out email reminder about self nominations
  • Email today/tomorrow, meet and greet 9/10, then give people a bit of time to think it over; set the deadline to 9/17 (self nominations)
    • Next board meeting TBD, depending on lettucemeet poll, meet every 2 weeks still
    • Close election the following week, week of 21st (decide later, with rest of board), could close on Sept 30 - On next agenda item (try to schedule deadline the night before the board meeting)
    • Plan to meet with new board around 10/5

September intro to R workshop (Sept. 28-29)

  • Eve: should not be free, difficult to take attendance, what if people only show up for a short bit of time, how are they counted in attendance? Would be nice to be free, but want to make sure people show up. Could try to set up a workshop with the warning that no shows will have a penalty.
    • Attendance may be more manageable for classes with fewer people (10-12 students)
    • There’s a lot of demand, how much do we want to count?
    • Had implemented fees initially to curb demand somewhat
  • Set to vote (set deadline for vote; end of next week 9/11, so there’s still time to announce)
  • Eve put together a quick website for our September Intro to R workshop. https://uf-carpentry.github.io/2020-09-28-Intro_to_R/
  • Eve made a new signup sheet to send out during the first or second week of the semester. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vGdr4HEcN_gaq5cUBPePwpVT5Zv2oY2fLCTWwuej0mo/edit#gid=0
  • and the schedule assignment file. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lONH71D0937eMAw1-pvGmGREM-DPKS-B6gtT6rtEbSA/edit#gid=0
  • Here is the link to the intro to carpentries slides to be given first thing during the workshop. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/18hOpvMm-l6XvfW8b8UCGRfqMn1EiFfkSmZOc39TPd5Q/edit#slide=id.g91a3aa71e6_2_148

Chemometrics course update (Brian)

  • Nov. 16 and Nov. 18, 3-3:50
  • Brian will update re: time of day
  • Genomics workshop may have a conflict, but could do the first part of the day for genomics (Nov 16-18th)
  • Any helpers interested?
  • After thanksgiving, everything will be turning digital (according to reopening plan)
  • Timing might be tricky, week before Thanksgiving break
  • Further discuss at next board meeting

Items for next board meeting agenda

  • Election updates
    • Decide what date the election should close (Sept. 30th?)
  • Discuss fee/cap for workshops in the fall
  • Chemometrics update (Brian)

Next chair and secretary

  • Decide at meet and greet next week