2020-07-21 Board Meeting


  • Introductions
  • Approve minutes from June 16, 2020 board meeting: https://www.uf-carpentries.org/minutes/board-2020-06-16/
  • REC workshop debrief.
  • Develop best practices procedures for security and safety of virtual workshops. We can discuss:
    • Zoom features (waiting room, meeting password, etc.).
    • Registrations within Zoom or outside of zoom?
    • Email domain restrictions.
  • Carpentries membership renewal (Brian will present some info/ideas).
  • August workshops.
  • Annual report.



  • Brian, Alethea, Elise, Carla, Eve

Approve minutes from June 16, 2020 board meeting

  • Approved

REC Workshop debrief

  • Circulated initial invite to REC folks (10-11 people) then opened up to UFII listerve (filled, then 15 people added to waitlist)
    • Half of people that registered showed up to workshop (15 people), should we charge a fee to make sure people show up
    • Not a lot of extra work to have a higher registration limit
  • Four day format: all day long is a long time for zoom, so shorter segments were appreciated
    • People who came for the first day generally stayed the whole time
  • Alethea has found that a fee of $10 has helped with other workshops
    • If you deliberately contact people at the beginning of the workshop to confirm that they’re planning to attend, could also improve turnout
    • long term, for digital workshops: have to think of financial solvency as well
  • for the people who registered but did not attend, will we take any action, like choosing to not let them register for another workshop, lower priority on the student list
    • Didn’t take attendance this time, but consider for future workshops
    • Has been effective in other Carpentries workshops
  • Thought it went really well
  • Slack channel really helped
  • What do we do for more advanced workshops when beginners are in attendance?
    • Make sure it’s clear in the original write up
    • How do we screen this?
    • Carpentries used to have pre-screening questions, but people have trouble evaluating themselves
    • Send people the beginning material to people telling them what we will be skipping
    • Don’t have to ask them to leave, but just state that their questions are related to basic material, and instructors/helpers can’t spend time on it
  • Some feedback that the REC people preferred the virtual, flexible to join in/leave as needed

Develop best practices procedures for security and safety of virtual workshops

  • Want to formally address this
  • How do we handle registrations
  • Waiting room feature
  • if meant for ufl people, people should register with their ufl email
    • Have moderators who should only allow for people on the list
    • Don’t allow non-ufl people to not register
    • When we set up the meeting, we can set up this filter
  • If we do decide with a nominal fee model, then having two registration options
    • zoom has a registration required option
    • Also need DOCE registration if collecting fee
  • Tell people to register with ufl account, but if they cannot, then workshop coordinator should verify
  • we could use zooms’ automatic registration:
    • we can review and approve their registration
    • we can have zoom automatically approve them, but the link is unique to that user
    • does restrict the zoom browser, can’t use the web client
    • Brian ran a workshop on this, had 100 participants, no issues
    • allows you to know exactly who is attending the workshop, and allows you to disable the link
  • make the moderator also the code of conduct faciliator, to ensure that theres nothing odd
  • For now, make ufl email manditory, but what about non-ufl workshop attendees?
    • case by case basis, bring to the board
  • if registration is run through DOCE, Alethea and Flora will separate out non-ufl emails
  • Elise will email UF carpentries code of conduct board for now to see if they have guidelines

Carpentries membership renewal

  • gold membership
    • $15k per year, includes in person instructor training as well as 6 online instructor trainings
  • silver membership
    • $7,500 per year, no in person training, but 6 online instructor training
  • Training records (capacity 24)
  • 2018, <= 19 people
  • 2019, <= 17 people
  • Have we hit saturation with the number of instructors that we’re training?
  • In person instructor training costs:
    • $100/night*4 nights= $400
    • $750 airfare * 2 instructros = $1500
  • $9400 saved if we don’t do the gold level ($25-50/person)
    • about $750-900 per workshop (30 people, Alethea confirmed)
    • With $9400, could subsidize full expenses for 10-12 workshops, half expenses for 20-25 workshops (assuming in person workshops)
  • Could we alternate gold membership every other year, then each year, we could: offer free or reduced workshop costs, more equitable access to our workshops, more direct benefits to sponsors (money helps directly fund workshops for students/staff
  • Disadvantages: less money to the Carpentries, reduced access to instructor training
  • Big unknown, don’t know if we will be able to have an in person instructor workshop
  • Some departments have had budget cuts, may be unlikely to supply similar funding in the future, university may have budget cuts
  • If we used IFAS funds for silver, then 3k would be remaining, would be useable for workshops, but with remaining funds, IFAS will not carry forward beyond this fiscal year
    • could address this closer to the date
  • Going for silver this year? we put to vote, unanimous decision to go for only silver membership this year

Next meeting agenda item

  • will resume discussion next Tuesday at 2:30
  • August workshops and other item tabled
  • for the next meeting: add agenda item for how we approach sponsors this year