2020-03-03 Board Meeting


  • Last meetings minute approval
  • Expand audiences and departments
  • Carpentries Instructor Training
  • Geospatial prep
  • Genomics
  • Rec Workshop
  • Soliciting funds


Board members: Brian Stucky,Eve Bohnett, Elise morrison, Carla Mavian (chair), Minghao Gong (secretory)

Last Meeting Minutes

  • Approved
  • A minor point: Social science workshops
    • Low representation of target audience.
  • Minutes need to be adjusted

Travel award

  • 500$ each person (three awardees)
  • Taylor proposed to use for another workshop.
    • Resubmission of application from Taylor.
    • Follow-up

Instructor training

  • Teacher has been confirmed by Alethea
  • Last week, 11 persons; the number of attendances declined.
    • Brian is concerned with the regular one-year routine. Possibly we can do it every other year?
    • Expanding audiences to be reachable; Highlight and reworkings of instructor training.
    • Circulation to other departments (e.g., EPI)

Genomics workshop

  • [Priority] Spreadsheet to confirm instructors, helpers
  • dates to be confirmed. April 6, 7


  • The end of March
  • Website is good to go
  • [Priority] After springbreak, we can promote the workshop


  • Dean of IFAS, preparation of regular annual report or the end of the year.
  • We run workshops, do we need a written document?
  • We need to know what info the reader want to know.
  • Eve has nicely prepared the UFCarpentries-AnnualReport.

Minor issues:

  • Hosting workshop in UCF (proposed by Carla)
    • It is workable but they need to request and allocate resources and fundings.
  • Pre-workshop survey: further improve Google form for checking attendees
    • Understand the affiliations of attendees precisely to understand our targeted attendees
    • Better survey issues. Drop-down options? Automatic generated reports? (Elise will follow up on that)

Next board meeting

  • March 17th (Tuesday 2:30 p.m.).

Officer positions (next meeting)

  • Brian Stucky: Chair
  • Elise Morrison: secretary