2020-01-14 Board Meeting


  • Discuss New Workshops
    • instructor training
    • DC ecology
    • DC geospatial
    • Genomics
  • Discuss having another social at EPI before workshops start this semester
  • Report on REC workshops and progress
  • Dr. Michailidis and UFII collaboration/workshops
  • Travel grants and awards
  • Potential NEON collaboration


Board members: Eve Bohnett (chair), Brian Stucky (secretary), Vratika Chaudhary, Minghao Gong, Carla Mavian, Elise Morrison, Jenicca Poongavanan

Guests: Geraldine Klarenberg

Minutes from last week’s meeting


Spring workshops

  • We still don’t have enough information to schedule the instructor training.
    • Brian will contact Maneesha (again) and try to get a firm answer on a mid-March workshop. March 9-10 might be the only option for us.
    • He will also contact Francois and Kari separate about availability.
  • REC workshops
    • Geraldine and Jenicca are meeting with the IFAS dean on Thursday about workshop funding and goals.
    • Need to set location for REC workshop.
  • Social sciences workshop
    • Formerly the ecology workshop.
    • Target February 10-11 for this one.
    • Will host at UFII.
  • Geospatial workshop
    • We will target March 30-31.
    • Will host at UFII.
  • Genomics workshop
    • Carla: Thinking of early April for this.
  • Elise will confirm the UFII reservations for all workshop dates.

Dr. Michailidis and UFII collaboration/workshops

  • Have yet to schedule the postponed meeting for the spring.
  • Geraldine will follow up on this.

Travel grants and awards

  • Jenicca and Vratika have been working on this.
  • Planning on January 21 opening for applications, with deadline on February 4.
  • Evaluation committee will make decision by February 28, results announced on March 1.
  • Evaluation committee: Carla, Minghao, Elise

Spring social(s)

  • The informatics room is booked for January 29 from 11:30-1:30 for our spring social.
  • Please print and post the announcement flyer.
  • We will have a short slideshow running in the background during the social. Depending on attendance, we could also deliver a short presentation from the slides.
  • Eve found a Carpentries intro slide on the Web; she will convert it to a Google Slides presentation that we can collaboratively edit.
  • Brian will draft an email announcement.

Potential EPI social

  • We’ll see how the January social goes, then decide whether to host another at EPI.
  • Elise: Rather than holding another social, we could investigate hosting a table at EPI or other events. In terms of number of people we’d reach, that might be far more cost-efficient than hosting more socials.
  • Carla: EPI has a “Research Day” on February 13 at the Union that could be a venue for this.
  • Carla will contact EPI about hosting a table at EPI Research Day.

Potential collaboration with NEON

  • Felipe Sanchez, a fisheries masters student who works at NEON, contacted us about running a NEON workshop.
  • Felipe is planning to attend our next board meeting, and we’ll learn more then.

Next board meeting

  • Tuesday, January 28, 2:30 PM
  • Vratika will be chair, Jenicca will be secretary.